Student Ministry image‘Students at St John’s – is a warm fellowship with an average of 25 students coming on Wednesday evenings. Fun, supportive, worshipping, seeking God’s presence, and getting into the Word.

Wednesday evenings

We start each meeting with a good meal at 7.30pm in the Upper Room of the church (go to the back door and ring the doorbell).  Then there’s vibrant worship (do you play an instrument or sing?), followed by a talk or Bible study or something like that.

Usually ends around 9.45ish, and then people mill about before getting kicked out at around 10.00pm, after which it’s the pub.

Tom Nelson“There is a tangible sense of the presence of God’s spirit in the meetings and a real feeling that he’s at work in the group.  The food is normally great and there’s a great social atmosphere, both before and at the pub afterwards!”  (Tom Nelson)




Anna Hilton“It is great for the students at St John’s to be able to meet midweek and grow together in our faith as well as having some great food!  I particularly enjoy the freedom we have in the worship sessions”. (Anna Hilton)



Sunday evenings

The group also gets together on Sundays at the evening service, where students sit together in a bunch (herd?) on the left of the church for reasons no-one can fathom!  Then, a visit to a local pub or café.

Other activities

Last June, we all went to ‘Go Ape together, but no promises as to what we might do next summer.

We also had a massive summer BBQ, which ended with singing classics (You’re too good to be true, Let it Go, King of the Swingers etc) until midnight.

Also in June, we led the St John’s evening service, to enthusiastic reviews (see The Times, Guardian, Daily Mail, etc).  Apparently, we’re going to be asked to do it again.

Student Facebook group

FB_FindUsOnFacebook-144We have our very own Facebook group! This is a private group where we organise gatherings, share prayer requests and celebrations, and encourage one another with scripture verses, thoughts, pictures and videos.

It is a very vibrant group and in these days of constant “status updates” and Youtube cat videos, it’s great to receive a word of encouragement on your smartphone that seems to fit your situation so precisely, or to be able to share an urgent request that you know will be offered to God for you

Lots of sharing and info, seen by virtually everyone within about three seconds!


Martin and Gina GrahamThe student ministry is headed by Martin and Gina Graham. Email them and they’ll let you know how to be part of this exciting group.

Martin says: “Our aim is to equip each student with a strong foundation for what lies ahead, and the inspiration to seek the Lord with all your heart and do great things with and for him.  There is nothing as exciting as a true walk of faith, guided and empowered by God, whose relationship with us can be truly personal”.

Contact Martin at

There is also a small group of student leaders who help with talks, general direction, pastoral support and keeping the show on the road.

Ministry opportunities

St John’s has loads of openings for ministry.  Students are more than welcome to get involved with prayer ministry, children’s work, youth work, Healing on the Streets, City Pastors, the worship team, and much more.


September/October 2015

On Sunday evenings 27th September, and the 4th, 11th and 18th October, there’ll be a special meeting for students in the Upper Room after the evening service, with some fellowship, a short talk about what we do, and limitless supplies of pizza.

Wednesday evening meetings start on 7th October and carry on every Wednesday in term time.

Do come and give it a try!

And if you are new to the church family, we will make you feel ESPECIALLY welcome and will help you settle and make friends.

Students at Stanton 2015Student Weekend Away – 12th to 14th February 2016

Every year we have the most amazing time at a weekend away: brilliant teaching from inspiring teachers; extended times of worship and testimony, enabling deep encounters with Father; food (again!) to overflowing; great walks in the country; and more fellowship and fun.

We will be going to Stanton House (near Oxford) from February 12th – 14th.  Details to follow.  To book email Martin.

Download the 2015/2016 programme

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