Visit of Russ Parker to St John’s 14th – 24th January 2014

Update on the visit of Dr Russ Parker

Nigel writes (9th January 2014):

“This weekend is the final opportunity for members of the church family – both present and past – to ask for an Interview Appointment with Dr Russ Parker or one of his skilled team. Some seem to have formed the opinion they should only ask for an appointment if they feel they have something particular to say or want to use the process to raise a particular matter. It is worth saying again that in the published notes provided by Dr Parker he said “The form of the interview will focus on the response to the question ‘What would you say are the most important stories currently shaping your church?’. Clearly for some there will be concerns they have, for others there will be things to celebrate and for others probably a bit of both! As such it is an open invitation for all and for the sake of all. In addition if the appointment schedule is too restrictive Dr Parker has indicated he is happy to receive written comments where this best suits individual circumstances.”

Participating in the process led by Dr Russ ParkerRuss Parker

I can now provide details of how people can be involved in the forthcoming listening process. All members of the church family and past members considering being part of this are encouraged to read my recent “Letter to the Church Family of St John’s Church, Harborne” and the notes attached “Healing Wounded Churches”. These documents are available by clicking on the links given, or as a hard copy from church, or by contacting the Church Office on 0121 427 4601 or by email.

Dr Russ Parker will commence work, meeting with the PCC on the evening of Tuesday 14th January 2014.  Thereafter he and a highly skilled team of his choice (probably 5 in total), will offer one-to-one appointments over 8 days – 15th to 17th and 20th to 24th January 2014. The meetings will take place in Manresa House, Albert Road, Harborne B17 0AM.

Chris Dinsdale has agreed generously to act as Moderator and overseeing friend to the process. Chris will NOT respond to direct approaches; his contribution is to provide some checks and balances to build confidence in the arrangements for this approach within the limited constraints of the appointments part of the project.

One-to-one means where a married couple both wish to have an appointment they will be offered separate appointments, although for ease of personal arrangements every endeavour will be made to enable them to be seen at or around the same time.

Appointments will be in the morning or the afternoon: and on some days also in the early evening. Morning means an appointment that commences between 9.00am and midday; afternoon between 2.00pm and 5.00pm and early evening between 5.00pm and 7.00pm. People wanting an appointment are asked to indicate a preferred date and a preferred time period in which to attend.

Appointments can be requested as follows:

Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 January: morning, afternoon and early evening
Friday 17 January: morning and afternoon only.
Monday 20 to Thursday 23 January inclusive: morning, afternoon and early evening
Friday 24 January: morning and afternoon only.

Applicants are asked to submit requests to Steve Foster as soon as possible and in any case by 6.30pm on Sunday 12th January 2014, in one of the following ways:

by email to ,
by call, text or voicemail to a mobile 07591876814,
in writing to Steve Foster c/o The Church Office using the letter box in the Vestry door

For example Jo Bloggs might email or text saying “please can I have an appointment on either the morning of January 16th or the afternoon of January 22nd.”
Please note it will help significantly if a good number offer more than one option, avoiding a specific hour in the preferred time periods and accept the early evening appointments need to be kept free for those in full-time work.

As a means of responding to need, interest and the basic administrative challenge, appointments will be allocated times on a “first-come-first-served” basis. Applicants will receive as much notification as possible following the presentation of your request and by the speediest means of communicating with you we can access.

Nigel di Castiglione

17th December 2013

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