‘tellmystory’ – “that’s amazing, yes, yes!!”

tellmystory – “that’s amazing, yes, yes!!”
Joan Cartledge- December 2013

Joan writes:

Last week my husband, Mark,  and I were walking down Broad Street on the way to the cinema when we were approached by a  homeless young man.  He told us he was terrified sleeping to sleep rough and had gone to a shelter who said they could give him accommodation and food for 2 weeks if he could find £19.  He asked for 40p.  Mark ask him how much he had collected, he held out his hands and showed us about £9 in small change.  We looked in our wallets and I had a £10 note which Mark offered him, as he did this I told him this was a gift from God  to bless him, and that we would pray for Him.  He looked stunned, then punched the air and shouted “that’s amazing, yes, yes!!”.

A few days later I met a Christian colleague, Sophie,  for coffee and told  her the story, she looked at me and asked me what the young man looked like, and what time we gave him the money.  When I told her she said that she, her husband and two friends were also at the cinema that evening and had met this man.  They had emptied their pockets and given him all the change they had.  They told him that although it was not enough they would pray that he would meet other people as he walked up Broad Street who would give him the rest on the money he needed. Fifteen minutes later he met us.  I now know why he looked stunned, God had used six people to meet his needs, and told him so.  I have no idea where this young man is, but I do know that he went to the Shelter knowing that God had provided the money he needed.   All I can say is WOW what an amazing God!

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  1. Vinod Bhatia says:

    What a brilliant story. The power of God displayed for all to see. Generous hearts, prayer heard and answered, stunned young man, the symmetry of each Christian couple meeting the other, two weeks shelter – and two weeks where every day the young man could see the love of God and His provision given personally for him. More of you Holy Spirit.

    • Charles and lesley fowler says:

      We have been out with Mark and Joan and know how the Lord uses them in a mighty way in his Kingdom, and other people in prayer especially from the cinema. It not just about saving Mr Banks

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