Truffles for Waitrose! Jude reporting…

Listen in to this email conversation between Jude and Imran and his son, Aden:

“Hello Jude, I can confirm that Aden and I delivered our home made rum truffles earlier today.  The Waitrose staff were delighted.   Even though there were almost one hundred truffles, we are not confident weekend staff will partake in the pleasure.  We took time to explain the reason for our delivery and, indeed, spoke with a senior manager too. We pointed out the Christmas service times on the card.

“We thought this venture was an innovative way of bringing the good news of Jesus in to our local business community and High Street.”

Jude replied:
“Many thanks for this, and what a lovely photo too.   It’s always really nice to hear how people got on, delivering their goodies.

“I know what you mean about the weekend staff!! I used to work as a midwife on a hospital ward, and however big the box of chocolates we were given, you could guarantee that people on days off didn’t get any!( Despite the giver saying to save some for the night shift) I think when you are busy, its difficult to resist having more than one!..but I’m sure the weekend staff will hear about what they missed out on!!

“The list is now complete, so everywhere on the High Street will get goodies of some sort or other.  Many thanks, & esp for signing up for one of the biggest places on the HIgh Street!”

Imran added: “We thoroughly enjoyed making the truffles whilst praying for the well-being of the staff at Waitrose. Incidentally, all of the ingredients for the truffles were purchased from …. yes, you guessed right – Waitrose! and Aden asked for the empty cake box from behind the cake counter.  He is going to share the picture with his mighty warriors group on Sunday morning.”
Jude’s final comment:  “It’s really encouraging to hear how folks get on.”

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