‘Listening to what Jesus says’

Listening to what Jesus says

Jesus was a great teacher, and his often repeated refrain was: ‘Whoever has ears to hear let them hear’.

The suggestion is that it is possible to listen to what Jesus says … but not really hear what He is saying. To really hear means allowing Jesus’ words to find a place of welcome and acceptance within us, shaping our understanding and actions, and showing through in the way that we live.

June to August

We will explore some of the things Jesus taught and said. The aim is to hear what He says and align ourselves with it.

Studies in the Sermon on the Mount
In morning and evening services in June / July we will explore Matthew 5-7.

Early in his ministry Jesus climbed a hillside with his disciples who were eager to hear what he had to say.  Jesus presented a radically different and abundant way of living as he explained some of the secrets of the Kingdom of God.

Even in our day Jesus’ words have power to deeply challenge all who hear the Sermon on the Mount, as it lays out how we should live.

John Stott said that the Sermon on the Mount ‘is probably the best known part of the teaching of Jesus … arguably it is the least understood and certainly it is the least obeyed.’

‘Ask Jesus’
What would you ask Jesus?

In morning and evening services in July / August we will look into some of the questions put to Jesus.

We all have our questions; science and philosophy exist because of our search for

answers; we are always asking ‘how’ and ‘why’.

Wherever Jesus went, he was asked questions, by his disciples, by the crowds, by his opponents. In the gospels people enquired, investigated, and scrutinized.

Jesus answered with the authority of a prophet, the wisdom of a teacher; but more than that he revealed a deeper truth to his identity that suggested the key question is not so much ‘how?’ or ‘why?’, but ‘who?’

September onwards

On September 7th 2016 we embark on an exciting new phase at St John’s when the Reverend Leonard Browne is instituted as Vicar.

As we make a start on this new part of our journey together, we will explore the foundational teachings of what it means to be church and the essentials of our faith.

This will give us opportunity to reaffirm God’s call and expectation on us as a community as we move together into the new things that God has set before us.

A community of God’s People’
In our morning services we will explore the core values of the early church.

The Apostles Creed.
In evening services, we will explore the essentials of our faith by looking at the truths contained in The Apostles Creed.

Leonard and Alison BrowneWelcome to Leonard and Alison

Sunday 4th Sept: We are planning to introduce Leonard and Alison at each of the services and also to have a shared lunch together as a community.

Wednesday 7th Sept: Leonard will be instituted as vicar.

Sunday 11th Sept: Leonard will preach at each of the services on and introduce a new sermon series looking at the core values of the early church.


Full details of the Summer Sermon Series can be downloaded below and will be available at church from Sunday 5th June

Download the Sermon Series

Download the Service Card





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