Did you know….that the Church of England has a church in every parish?

Recently at church someone asked the question: “What is an Archdeacon?” David Atkins our PCC secretary has given us some answers to this and other questions…

Dave Atkins
Church of England Logo“The Church of England is a large organisation with strong links to similar churches around the world. Due to its size the Church of England has layers of authority not found in some other church groups.

Overseeing each vicar/priest are the bishops and above them are the Arch bishops of York and Canterbury.

Twenty six bishops sit in the House of Lords contributing to the government of the country representing many people of faith, not just Christians.

The General Synod composed of bishops, clergy and laity is the legislative assembly, financial authority and administrative centre of the CofE. (more on synods later).

At local level bishops have much influence and responsibility. Bishops are assisted by Archdeacons and they in turn may be assisted by Rural (area )Deans.

For historical reasons new priests are appointed to a church by a Patron. This person will be a practising member of the Church of England and will have much expertise in these selections.

The Patron must have the agreement of the Parish Representatives (in our case Geoff Heyes and Janet Ryland, photos below) before an appointment is made.”


Geoff Heyes Please keep praying for everybody who has a role in selecting our new vicar.Janet Ryland

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