Vision and Discipleship – Autumn Sermon Series

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Renewing the Foundations

Welcome to the autumn term as we celebrate fruitfulness and ready ourselves to move forward in the Lord’s purposes. Autumn reminds us that change is part of the rhythm of life as we move from what has been into what is yet to be. Times of change also give opportunity to check that we are well founded for what is yet to be. Renewing the Foundations is the general theme that we are following in various ways in the term ahead.

Morning services in this term will continue to explore what we can learn about rebuilding the walls from the book of Nehemiah. We will change gear and depart from this in Advent and of course for the Christmas season but will return to the theme and complete our studies from Nehemiah in January. On November 8th there is to be a special service called ‘Renewing the Foundations’ for the whole church community.

We are looking at a different aspect of renewing the foundations in evening service in this term under the title, ‘Distinct – the marks of a disciple.’

Writing in his book ‘The Divine Conspiracy’ Dallas Willard says, “It is now generally acknowledged that one can be a professing Christian and a church member in good standing without being a disciple.”

Disciple – it’s a word that we use quite a lot, but what exactly is one? Throughout the gospels Jesus highlights a whole number of things that are involved in being his disciple, often introduced with phrases like ‘If you want to be my disciple you must …’, ‘by this you will be known as my disciple …’ or ‘anyone who wants to follow me …’. Over the course of the autumn term and into the new year we shall be looking at some of these ‘marks’ of a disciple, asking what that means for us to be Jesus’ followers in the 21st century, and the role that we have in helping each other in discipleship and in disciple-making.

May God use our studies and experience this term to ready us and equip us for what He is calling us to in the seasons that follow.

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