Intercessory Prayer

Alison Earey writes:

As promised, here are some notes and book ideas generated as a result of the sermon on Nehemiah 1 on 6th September. The notes are from a collection of ideas from various people at St John’s – thank you to those people who contributed.

The Nehemiah passage demonstrated the need for intercession. In Nehemiah’s case he mourned, fasted and prayed for a considerable amount of time and it seems that this pleading prepared him for what God was going to do through him.

Intercession – an interposing or pleading on behalf of another person. 3. a prayer to God on behalf of another.

Rowan Williams describes prayer as, “letting Jesus pray in you”. He goes on to say that prayer is God choosing us to intervene in making the world a better place (Williams, R. (2014) Being Christian. SPCK: London).

When we intercede, we tune in to God’s focus for the world. Sometimes it’s fairly obvious what we need to be praying for. At the moment being aware of the Syrian crisis means that we can focus our prayers on that and ask God to show us how to pray. Prayer means that our minds become full of seeing the world through God’s eyes and praying ‘your kingdom come’.

Understanding the Lord’s Prayer and the meaning of the words is a good place to start with getting to grips with prayer.

Top tips:
• Focus on worshiping God before interceding in order to tune in to God – sing, read a Psalm out loud, dance to a song, thank him for the good gifts that you have and the many good things happening in the world
• God can speak through words, pictures, nature – but we have to be listening.
• When praying with others it’s ok for periods of silence in order to listen and to God to hear if he wants us to intercede on a further aspect of what has just been said.

The book ‘Intercessory Prayer’ by Dutch Sheets says that not only does God wants us to pray, expects us to pray, Jesus said when, not if, you pray, but also there are implications that God needs us to pray.

Intercession is part of our obedience to God, so that we can be part of his kingdom changing work.

Book ideas:
Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets
Prayer by Timothy Keller

UCB Word for Today 6th – 9th September talks about prayer

There are many other website and apps to help guide our prayer. The important thing is not which one we use but that we do it.

This is by no means a comprehensive guide to intercession but a introductory means to considering the issues in order for us to take hold of God’s will and refuse to let go until His will comes to pass.

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