‘God is with us wherever we go!’

Flags“Here at Toddlers we all know, God is with us wherever we go!”

This was the message of our End of Term Service on the 7th July.

We sang our ‘Peekaboo’ song, using our headscarves to hide and reappear, and discussed the fact that even though we couldn’t see each other we were all still there – proven by our loud ‘Boo’ s’ on reappearance!

God is like that – we cannot see Him but He is always with us. Like the wind, we cannot see God but we can feel His presence.

Our story was about a little girl who is finding it difficult to make friends at school.

She listens to her Grandfather’s advice and takes God with her to school – Knowing that God is with her makes her feel brave and smile. Grandfather calls it her ‘God smile’.

When she smiles her ‘God smile’ at the other children they are soon smiling back. She makes lots of friends.

Whether we are off on holiday, moving house or starting a new school, nursery or job in September, we can all remember that ‘God is with us wherever we go’.
And, we can remember to take your ‘God smiles’ with us!

Have a fun summer and happy holidays.

We look forward to seeing you all again on the 7th September.


Kate and the Team

P.S. Some of you may enjoy this event on August 5th. Have fun!

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