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An email received by Jude Smith on 29th April in reply to concerns about safety: 

“Thanks for your e-mail. Yes, I am now back in Lahore, having left Nepal on 18th April, one week before the earthquake. It took place just as our conference in Kuala Lumpur was finishing, and one of the Nepali delegates was very anxious as he could not contact his daughter for some time. But at last she was found, safe and sound, and he is now back with the family and working hard with the relief effort.

“He has reported that at least two churches (and the apartment buildings in which they were located) collapsed in the quake. In one of them the pastor and 15 members of the congregation died.

“One week before I had been in the historic city of Bakhtapur. enjoying the sights. They now say that 50% of the houses there collapsed and 80% of the temples were damaged. It was a Unesco World Heritage Site.

“The training there had gone very well, with 8 participants learning about course writing, and the conference in Malaysia was very stimulating, with 50 participants from 34 countries. Now I am back in Lahore in the heat and humidity.

Please pray for the Board meeting at the UBTC next week, 9th May. The audit reports have been received and they make serious reading.”

For more details on this update see the April Living Stones Newsletter or contact Jude Smith





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