‘Building Trusting Relationships’ – Bishop’s Comment

Bishop DavidRead Bishop David’s thoughts on the recent visit of Archbishop Justin Welby:

“As we enter this third week of Lent we are still benefitting from the inspiring visit of Archbishop Justin who gave so generously of himself and of his vision for the renewal of prayer and the religious life, reconciliation and sharing of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

“From the Cathedral to Curdworth, Broad Street to the ICC, and from Birchfield and Newtown to Aston and Elmdon, effects from the visit continue to strengthen our faith and give confidence to Christian mission and service across the city region.

Archbishop Justin talking about poverty“Whether at breakfast with the homeless or inspecting a car production line, in prayer with young missioners or giving an inter-faith lecture, the Archbishop of Canterbury entered into our lives with energy and compassion.

“Both Ezekiel’s vision and the resurrection commission of Jesus to the first disciples see people embodied and emboldened by supernatural power.

“Here in this wonderfully diverse city and region we are called to be people enabled by the overflowing love of God to build relationships that reach outside of our comfortable communities to ensure the flourishing of diverse groups of people sharing civic and geographical space, political systems and the search for economic flourishing.

Archbishop Justin baking with Martha“Archbishop Justin offered our region a challenge, encouraging us to be community and to welcome the stranger in our day to day actions, our governance and our democratic systems.”….  read more

To read some news stories from Archbishop Justin’s visit click on the photos or go to this link


Quoting from the Church of England – Birmingham March 2015 Bulletin:

‘The visit to Birmingham reflected the Archbishop’s priorities for his ministry which are: the renewal of prayer and the Religious life, reconciliation and evangelism and witness.’

Archbishop Justin said:

“I am delighted to have enjoyed a brief immersion in the life of the diocese of Birmingham – and return fired up after witnessing the Spirit of God so evidently at work across the region.

“I’m struck by the many examples of working together – of churches serving together on the streets and with the homeless, of ethnic groups worshipping together across cultural differences, of differing faith leaders committing together for the common good.

“I met some extraordinary people of faith as well as some very courageous leaders – in business, in schools, in public service as well as in church and charitable sectors – which confirms my conviction that the ‘front line’ is where they are. As archbishop, it is those on the frontline – leaders, evangelists, saints – whom I seek to serve.”


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