Fruitful Disciples – looking and learning from Jesus

Apple on a tree branchDetails of our teaching programme from September – January 2014 / 2015

The Fruit of the Kingdom of God

In the parable of the vineyard in Matthew 21:33-46 (see also Isaiah 5:1-7), Jesus described how a landowner set up a vineyard and rented it to tenant farmers to work.  In due course, at harvest time, the owner of the vineyard looked to collect the fruit due to him.

In this parable Jesus identifies himself as the landowner’s son –  the Son of God,  and makes clear that Father God seeks ‘the fruit of the kingdom of God’ from His people. This begs the question: ‘What is the fruit of the Kingdom that God seeks?

In this Harvest season we will look at Jesus and his teaching to explore some aspects of the fruit of the Kingdom that God looks for – in each of us individually and together.  Bearing fruit is not just an inner attitude. It is something that shows itself in action, so there will be various opportunities to take action.

Download the Sermon Series Card and the details of our Teaching Programme for this series on Fruitful disciples – looking and learning from Jesus

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