Small Groups

Meeting together in each other’s homes was an important part of life for the early Christians. We agree with them, and meeting up in smaller groups is one of the ways we give ourselves space to think through our Christian journeys in more detail.

They are also a place where we can come for encouragement, support and reliable, strong friends. We encourage everyone who attends St Johns regularly to consider joining a small group. There are a different types of home groups at St John’s, including;

Two people sitting in a small group

Enjoying discussion and community in Home Group

  • Home Groups – the majority of our groups, with people from all ages. They usually meet on Wednesday or Thursday nights
  • Midway – group for older women meeting during the day
  • Talk together – weekly groups for women who are free during the day
  • International Groups – similar to Home groups, but recognising the specific interests and needs of internationals
  • Men’s Groups – meet monthly for open discussion and fellowship

Although it might sound a bit scary meeting in a much smaller group, you’ll quickly settle in, and find it a place where you can ask those silly questions you’ve never dared ask before.

It’s the perfect environment for seeing how the bible applies today, and can be a place where you can ask for prayer off close friends. You’ll also find very quickly that you have things to give to other people in your group.

Joining a Group

  1. If you already know about a group, or have a friend that already goes to a small group, that might be the place to start.
  2. Some people do our ‘way in’ course (for new church members), and go on to form a group from there.
  3. You can also ask us to help find the right group. To do this, just fill in the form on the right to send us an email.

Joining a small group is always going to feel a bit more vulnerable that sitting in a full row on Sundays, but we think that step is worth taking. Getting into a group will give you the place and the people to really begin seeing God’s word and promises making a difference in your life, and the lives of those around you.

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