Men’s Ministry

There are activities at St John’s going on to meet the needs of men of any age. This includes Adventure, m/net and the Harborne Men’s Group. The church hosts special teaching events, and often welcomes guest speakers to these events.

Men worshipping in church

Worship during one of our teaching events

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The Adventure element of the Men’s Ministry is new for Autumn 2013 and has been started by Tom, Jon and Mike. Our vision for this ministry is to create a number of opportunities during the year for young men from St John’s, or connected with St John’s or one of its members, to get out and take part in activities together. A general focus is on the outdoors. If you are new to St John’s or live locally and would like to find out more, do click here to get in touch with the team. We aim to be an open and welcoming group.

The plan as it stands for 2014


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10th May 2014: Canoeing and Kayaking
This trip will be a full days canoeing and kayaking on the river Wye. Those coming will have a choice of a sit on top kayak or canoe, although there will be a limited number of sit on tops available.  Total price will vary depending on whether you want to share a canoe, share a sit-on-top kayak, or your own single sit-on-top kayak, from between £20-£40. Once you’ve booked your deposit we’ll be in touch to organise this – limited numbers of sit-on-tops available so we’ll be operating a first come first serve basis for these. Please also budget in a donation towards fuel to get to the Wye Valley of around £5 and lunch at the pub at around £10-£20.”

To book and pay deposit click here

12th-13th July 2014: Bushcraft Weekend

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Mike and Jon

If you enjoy camping and the outdoors then this is a great weekend for you. We’ll be joining a bushcraft expert for two days of learning about the outdoors in West Wales. Overnight we’ll be sleeping in hammocks strung between trees (don’t worry there is a rain cover) and in the evening there will also be time for chilling out around the campfire while cooking dinner. All three of us have been on this trip before and highly recommend it to lovers of the outdoors.

September (date to be confirmed): Hiking Trip
During September we’re aiming to go on a hike to either the Brecon Beacons or Snowdonia, we’ll confirm the details of this trip in the Spring.


m/net is the name for the Men’s Groups that have grown up over the last ten years in St. John’s. There are currently four groups, of around a dozen men, meeting once a month on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday evening in people’s homes, for Bible Study, discussion and prayer.

The groups are made up of professing Christian men, mostly married with kids, each facing similar pressures and issues in their Christian walk. The groups are small and informal in structure, with members taking it in turns to “chair” a discussion. Each group has one or two leaders, who organise the group, and are accountable to the St. John’s leadership.

Different groups have different “flavours”, some following a thematic course of Bible study, while others discuss a Christian perspective on topical issues we all face.

We come from a variety of Church backgrounds, but all hold to the core teachings of the gospel, and believe that the Bible is God’s inspired word. Most members of m/net are members of St. John’s C Groups, and see the two groups as being complementary.

For further details, please contact Richard Kent or Ben de Waal.

Harborne Men’s Group

This men’s group meets once a month on the first Thursday morning at St. John’s. We meet for coffee/tea and a talk on a Christian theme. Occasional social events are also arranged.

A warm welcome awaits any men who are available to accept this invitation.