Men’s Ministry

There are activities at St John’s going on to meet the needs of men of any age. These include

m/net Men’s Groups,
Men’s Breakfasts

There is also a Men’s Network to link men in the church together.

St John’s also hosts special teaching events from time to time, and often welcomes guest speakers to these events.

Men worshipping in church

Worship during one of our teaching events

St John’s Men’s Network

St John’s is a large church and none of us can get to know all the other men. There are probably others in the church who share similar interests, but who we haven’t met yet. We may have particular needs, often very simple, but don’t know who to ask. Or there are things or skills we could offer others, but don’t know who needs them.

The main aim of the Network is to link up men at St John’s, to help us get to know each other, and help each other out practically.

If you join the Network, you can quickly get in touch with others like you, those you could help, or who could help you. It also helps bring together all those involved in other men’s activities – you can find details elsewhere on this page.

Any man (aged 18 and over) with a connection to St. John’s is welcome to join. As of June 2014, we have 72 members, and numbers keep growing.

Here are some ways the network has been used recently:
• Publicising men’s events
• Offers of things to give away, sell, or lend (a bit like “Freecycle”)
• Stuff needed, or asked to borrow
• Asking for recommendations (e.g. for builders & tradesmen)
• Help or advice needed
• Organising social events

Contact for more information.

Men’s Breakfasts

Men’s Breakfasts are held three times a year in the Main Worship Area, starting at 8.30 am and concluding at 10.30 am (arrival from 8.00 am).

The Breakfasts provide an opportunity for men of all ages within St John’s to meet together, and to bring along friends, relatives, neighbours and colleagues.

The tasty breakfast includes cereals, bacon butties (or a vegetarian alternative), toast and crumpets with jam, marmalade or honey, and tea, coffee or fruit juice.

After the breakfast we have a talk from a guest speaker.
Speakers have included:
Cyrille Regis, who talked about his career in football and his faith in Jesus;  Ian Ferguson, ex RAF Fighter Pilot who survived a 600mph ejection at 250ft low level!; Shane Taylor, once classed as one of the most dangerous prisoners in Britain.

Breakfasts planned for 2019 (please note: these Breakfasts will be held at St Peter’s Church Hall)

Brian Thomas



Saturday 29th June 2019 – Chris McCabe

Chris will be talking about his work with Missionary Aviation Fellowship, and sharing his own journey through faith and flying.


Saturday 9th November 2019 – Graham “Swanny” Swann

Swanny is a tattoo artist and the author of “Prison without Bars”. Subjected to systematic abuse as a child, he grew to be a man controlled by alcohol and violence, and eventually ended up in prison in a Young Offenders’s Institute. Then hope broke in and an incredible journey of restoration began.


For more information email Brian Thomas.

m/net Men’s Groups

Many men have little or no support from Christian men in similar situations, as we often face increasing pressures on our work and home lives. So our main aim is to encourage and support each other in our Christian walk.

There are currently four groups, each of around a dozen men, who are mostly married with kids. Groups meet once a month on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday evening in people’s homes.

The groups are small and informal in structure, and work on a year-by-year basis. In December, we have a “wine & cheese” social for all the groups, review the year just gone, and discuss plans for the following year.

Groups have done a variety of things, such as discussing topical issues, studying the Bible or a Christian book; inviting speakers to talk about specific issues, and holding evenings of prayer. We also have regular socials, such as a summer BBQ.

If you’d like to join one of the groups, or find out more about them, please contact Ben de Waal.


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