Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has questions before they try something new. We’ve tried to answer some of the common things that people want to know, but if we’ve missed anything, just get in touch and we’ll do our best to answer.

What is a service like?

We have several different kinds of service at St John’s, but they’re all planned to suit both new visitors and regular members. Our evening service tends to have more sung worship.

We use a modern projector for all the words and songs, so it’s easy to follow along. If you’re new to church, there’s no pressure to take part. We’re very happy for you to come along and see what worshipping at St John’s is like. If anything seems unfamiliar, feel free to ask one our welcome team, or someone who’s sat near you.

How long are your services?

Our morning services usually last around 90 minutes. Evening services usually last around 2 hours.

What is the music like?

Most of our worship is led by a band of mixed instruments. We also have a church organ, which is used at some services, particularly in the morning. We use a selection of modern and traditional songs. Words are projected onto a screen at the front of church.

Will I know what to do?

Most people find their first visit to church less scary than they expected. We’re a friendly group of people, and our services are set up so you can relax and get to know us as a church. All the words you’ll need are projected on a screen, and we’re quite happy for you not to join in if you don’t feel it’s appropriate.

What about communion?

Sharing bread and wine is an important part of our church community. It reminds us what Jesus did for us. As we’re quite a large church, we come up for communion in rows, and a steward will show you where to go. We welcome any who usually take bread and wine in their home church to join us for communion. Anyone can ask for a prayer instead – just go up with everyone else, and tell the person handing out the bread you would like a prayer instead.

If you don’t want to go up for communion or a prayer, you can stay sitting in your seat. We always have gluten free bread and non-alcoholic wine available at the front right corner of the church. If you have mobility issues, please let someone know when you arrive and we’ll make sure someone comes and gives you communion where you are sitting.

What should I wear?

Please dress as you feel comfortable. Our congregation attends dressed anything from casual to dressed up. Take your pick!

Where do my children go during the service?

At the 10.00am service, we have a wide range of children’s groups. Check out the children’s page for more information. All our leaders have full CRB checks, and you can take your child to their group to meet the people who will be looking after them. We have a full child protection policy in place, and review this regularly. 

What do you have for teenagers?

Most of our teenagers tend to come to the evening service. They often meet for an additional social time before the evening service. Visit the youth pages to find out more.

Do I have to give money to the collection?

Absolutely not. As a visitor, please feel free to just pass the basket on. If you do choose to attend St John’s, and would like to give regularly, pick up a giving pack. Many church members give by direct debit, or using envelopes that allow us to receive gift aid on your donation.

What's prayer ministry?

We believe that God cares about everyone, and we believe prayer can really make a difference in people’s lives. After every evening service, a team is available to pray with anyone who asks.  It can be about something from the service, for healing of a health problem, or for any other needs. Anyone can receive prayer. If you would like to be prayed for, and there isn’t a prayer ministry team available, just ask the leader of the service, and they will always find someone to pray with you.

What next?

Even if it’s your first visit to church, we hope you have a great experience, and that you’ll encounter the God who is so important to all of us. We believe He offers a promise and a hope to everyone, and our aim is to make it as easy as possible for others to discover this for the first time. Sunday services are a great place to do this, but if you want to go further, just have a chat with one of the service leaders.

We have some great opportunities, and our Alpha Course is a great next step. If you’re thinking about making St John’s your usual church, then our Way In Course will introduce you to the range of things we’re up to at St John’s. You could also think about joining a home group.



And remember, if you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with us, or just ask someone when you arrive. There’s always a welcome team on the door if you’re not sure who to ask.

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