10th Jan 2018 Posted in: Linked Blog Posts by Leonard Browne

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, In recent days I have had a growing conviction that, even in the midst of all that is currently happening, we should be praying more regularly and specifically for God’s call on St John’s to mission and evangelism in the days ahead. Having shared this with a few […]

14th Dec 2017 Posted in: Linked Blog Posts by Anthony Collins

Bampfylde- Moore Carew was an eighteenth century Cornish man who used to dress up as a vagrant and knock on the door of all his rich friends houses when they were having a Christmas party. After he was thrown a chop to eat he would disclose himself to the annoyance of his erstwhile friends. Philbert […]

13th Dec 2017 Posted in: Linked Blog Posts by Stella Jennings

In Scandinavia there’s a beautiful celebration in December called Santa Lucia  which takes place on December 13th.  It’s the beginning of the Christmas season in those countries and is a celebration of light – at the time of year when the world is darker. Behind the celebration is the story of Santa Lucia, who is […]

6th Dec 2017 Posted in: Linked Blog Posts by Jeremy Thompson

At the end of the final scene, one of the Christmas Tour cast overheard a school pupil say, “This is the most awesome day ever!” Wow!  That kind of comment helps us grasp some of the impact that the Christmas Tour had on those who travelled through time with us to the first Christmas. We […]

28th Nov 2017 Posted in: Linked Blog Posts by Rebecca Eastwood

I am a graduate from the University of Birmingham and have been attending St John’s throughout my degree. This year I am working as a Relay Worker with UCCF (Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship), supporting the Christian Union at UoB! My role involves coming alongside the CU, helping them plan evangelistic events, lead Bible studies, […]

21st Nov 2017 Posted in: Linked Blog Posts by Darren Richards 0

What a rollercoaster it’s been, these past 5 weeks. I left Youth for Christ after 14 years’ service in September and I’m now working for MERCY SHIPS UK! At YFC I was privileged to have had a host of roles, beginning as an apprentice fundraiser, moving on to overseeing young offender prison ministry and courses […]

21st Nov 2017 Posted in: Linked Blog Posts by Alison Fuggle

Thank you, all of you who’ve long prayed for Christian Music Ministries and for my changing involvement, writing lyrics and sometimes poetry for others to use.  It’s such an encouragement, particularly when I’m alone with a keyboard, looking for the right word. Encouragement has been to the fore. Recently, as I read the day’s Bible […]

6th Nov 2017 Posted in: Linked Blog Posts by Jude Smith

Once more, as Christmas approaches, it’s that time of year when we can all think about being involved in “Bake and Pray” – now in its 15th year and still going strong! It is a simple way of blessing and thanking all our businesses on Harborne High Street, for their services to the community throughout […]

6th Nov 2017 Posted in: Linked Blog Posts by Marriage Course Team

I’m going to have to share intimate details about my marriage… Truth: There is NO group discussion on the Marriage Course. The only person you are sharing with is your partner. The 7 evenings are a safe place where you have time to spend with each other. There is a meal provided and each couple […]

1st Nov 2017 Posted in: Linked Blog Posts by Catriona Foster

Aka a Harvest service for people with dementia The table is set and all is ready. The team have prayed, received their briefing and now wait in anticipation for the residents to be brought through. 10 mins after the official start time and still no residents. I am finding that my faith is wavering and I […]

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