Friday Night Club Rules

We would like club to be a safe welcoming place, where everyone can enjoy themselves. To that end, here are our rules and guidelines which should ensure safety and fairness for all!


  • The club is open to all those between the school years of 7 to 11.
  • Membership is closed and young people must join the waiting list if they wish to attend.
  • All attendees must be members and have a parental consent form on file.
  • Each member must register each week they attend and pay £1:50 subs.
  • Members are not allowed on site at the Blue Coat School unless they are attending club.
  • Entry to Club is closed each week when the top entry number of 80 is reached. All young people arriving after this point will be asked to leave, preferably taken home by a parent. They are not permitted to stay on the Blue Coat site.
  • To keep your membership of club you need to come at least twice every half term. If there are problems please talk to Helen Browning/Ben Baker


  • Club runs from 7.30-9.30 pm. If you need to leave early you must advise a leader.
  • Please respect the leaders, each other and the premises and grounds which we hire from The Blue Coat School.
  • No chewing gum, smoking, drinking alcohol or drugs are allowed on the Blue Coat Campus.
  • Please make sure all your litter goes in the bins provided and that the Sports Centre is left clean and tidy.
  • Unless there are organised activities arranged for outside, all young people must remain inside the building.
  • Young people are not allowed to sit on, under or around the stairs, block the fire exits or go down the stairs to the Sports Hall which are next to the lift (by the vending machine). The stairs at the far end of the building are out of bounds too, unless there is a fire!
  • Please report any damage or problems to the Main Leader.


  • All young people should stay off any gym equipment and the long flat judo mats.
  • No balls are allowed in the lounge area or in the corridors.

Sports Hall

  • Everyone in the sports hall must wear non-marking trainers, suitable clothes for sport and remove any jewelery.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the Sports Hall.
  • Every young person will go into the lounge for the ‘half-time talk’.
  • The equipment stores are out of bounds
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