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If this is your first visit to St John’s or if you’re joining us from another church, or you’re ‘doing the tour’ and seeing what Christianity has to offer, then we’re excited that you’ll be sharing some time with us.

Jesus was very clear that his invitation is for all.  We want to make sure you feel that St John’s is a place where you can come with anticipation, and leave feeling like you’ve met with God during the service.

We’re a friendly and informal church, so the simple advice if you’re a first time visitor is just turn up and give us a try. That’s it! There’s no pressure to say everything or sing anything. If you just want to come along and see what church looks like at St John’s, then that’s fantastic.

However, if you do want some top tips, here’s our best;

  • Tell us you’re visiting Yes, we know it’s a bit scary to admit it’s your first time in church, but we’ve all been there once. Let one of the people who are there to greet you know you’re a visitor. They’ll be able to answer your questions, and if you want, introduce you to someone to sit with during the service.
  • Stay for coffee We serve drinks after the 10am service.  We also serve drinks after the 6.30pm evening service. Join us for a drink and have a chat with us. This is also a good way to begin getting to know people who come regularly.
  • Meet and Greet Anyone who is new or visiting will find people from the Welcome Team at the ‘Meet and Greet’ area in the Main Hall.  You can chat about the service and find out more about St John’s.
  • Let us know how it goes We’re not a perfect church, but we are eager to do our very best for new visitors. We’d love to hear how your first visit went, particularly if there’s anything we could have done better. If you’ve gone away with unanswered questions, then let us hear them as well.
  • Try our different services We have several different types of service, so if the first one you come to doesn’t quite suit, why not pop back and give one of the other times a try?

St John's Sanctuary

Churches are all about the people in them, and we’re hoping that St John’s might be a place you can spend time. We can’t wait to meet you, and we’re already looking forward to saying hello!

For more about our all our services go to Main Gatherings.


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