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“Give thanks with a grateful heart”  – Sue Clegg writes: “Recently I had opportunity to visit a magnificent church that is known for the healing presence of God.  This commenced following one visitation many years ago.  A corridor is now filled with articles and letters of thanks to God for healing received. “While I was […]

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Reflection on St John’s Week of Prayer 2016 – from Beryl Beavis Yes YOU were prayed for From the tiniest babe to those a 100 and more For the children’s groups and those who are ‘Guides’ Yes, we prayed for YOU   For Youth, and students and those more ‘mature’ In small groups, or larger, […]

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Rezarta Kardellamaj, one of our Living Stones shares what is on her heart; and asks us to join her in helping those in need:       “I have really been blessed by St John’s journey of faith and listening to the Holy Spirit.   It was once when you were preaching (Antony) that everything came together for […]

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The shops are eagerly awaiting their ‘Bake and Pray’ cakes!

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‘Here is LOVE …..’ – Karl McIlwaine shares his thoughts: During the 11am morning service on 18th October we sang the song God, I look to you; I won’t be overwhelmed. Give me wisdom to see things like you do. God, I look to you; you’re where my help comes from. Give me wisdom; you […]

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  Can I pose you some questions?        Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?      You can be a channel for God’s love and power. Do you have a desire to serve others?      This attitude of service is just like Jesus. Are you open to the leadership […]

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Joan Cartledge sent in this testimony by email on Monday 18th May: Last week was a difficult week, I had received some news that greatly disturbed me and made me question God’s leading in my life. I was also suffering from a very painful and immobile shoulder and feeling very vulnerable. Antony’s sermon on suffering and […]

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tellmystory – from Karl McIlwaine At a recent session of the Freedom course the talk was illustrated by a children’s plaything – something which we have seen many times at Christmas, for example at the Christingle service – a light stick. It’s one of those things that looks like a simple plastic tube of liquid, […]

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Alison Earey has sent written this plea from her own experience of safeguarding training Do you hate to deal with the difficult issues? Do you want to turn the TV off when something uncomfortable comes on? I know that I avoid them whenever possible. Recently however I attended the Church of England children’s safeguarding training […]

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In August St John’s is embarking on a teaching series on The Fruit of the Spirit. With this in mind Beryl Beavis emailed the following story. She writes: “Hi everyone, welcome to summer. “I have had this poem for about 50 years. Dr Ken Moynagh worked as a doctor at Barts Hospital in London but […]

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