The Lent Feature explained

Lent DisplayOz Osborn has emailed to tell us about his Lent feature:

The purple drape is the traditional colour for penitential seasons. It dates from when the laws of the land were the ‘kings laws’ and lawbreaking was against the king.

He was the one to whom petitions for clemency were made. The church took over the colour to indicate that God is the only one who can give forgiveness for sin.

The ribbons flowing from the drape together represent Jesus. Gold for kingship, white for purity, red for redemption. These physically and spiritually link the divinity of God with our reality as identified with the bowl of dormant stems.

For the plants it is spring warmth that brings regeneration, for people It is Jesus coming into our lives.

13th Mar 2014 Posted in: News, St John's Stories by Stella Jennings 3

3 Responses

  1. Caroline Gilmour-White says:

    Oz, what a brilliant idea. The image meets our Lent needs.

    How lovely that the simple decoration has such deep, deep and wonderful life-giving significance.

    Thank you that we can see it again in this photo and go on thinking about it all the way till Easter and beyond.


  2. Angie Bhatia says:

    Thank you for that explanation, Oz.
    It’s a special focus to have before us

  3. Margaret Hopkinson says:

    Thank you Oz – I always find the visual such a help in prayer and meditation.

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