Outline of the Teaching Day with Russ Parker – Saturday 26th April

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Latest information for 26th April Teaching Day, 9.30am to 3.30pm at St John’s

Russ writes: “Please read and think about the following message concerning our day together.  I look forward to being with you on 26th.”

I am encouraging everyone who attends to come with this response on his or her heart:
What is God asking me to do in response to the Report that will enable me to help my church move forward in the renewal of its life and flourish in its calling?

The second response that requires our hearts to be prepared will come when opportunities are given to take collective ownership of the church issues that are to be celebrated; as well as those which are to be confessed and healed.

The ethos of this part of the process is not to focus on individuals whom we consider to be at fault, but to take ownership of the legacies that remain in the church life.  However, it is hoped that all individuals will take appropriate responsibility for their own actions and find the forgiveness and restoration they need.

Format for the day
The day will consist of worship, teaching and various ministry opportunities.

To exclude
The day is not the time to debate or discuss the Report or to air the various opinions of its content.
I recognise that people are entitled to their own opinions, but if they become the focus of the day they will only serve to separate us and not bring us together in unity of purpose.
I am more than willing to continue to serve St John’s by meeting privately with those who feel they would benefit from an opportunity to work through their personal concerns.

Outline Program
Opening time of worship: Led by Marcus
Welcome and apologies for absence: Read out by Debby and Brennan
Input from Bishop David
Teaching Session(s):  Russ
Ministry Responses:  Russ to host
Closing Prayer: Bishop David / Andrew

We are encouraging as many as possible to come to this important day.
Timing is from 9.30am – 3.30pm at Church.
Please bring your own packed lunch, drinks will be available.
We apologise but there will be no child care facilities.

If you are unable to attend and would like to send your apology please email Steve Foster


Previous information given about the day follows below. This is still relevant.

The day is a time to listen and respond to what God requires of us.” This is the message from Russ Parker. It is the primary aim of the day; and he has sent us some prompts for our reflection in advance of 26th April.

Russ has asked us to come to the day having reflected on the following question:

“What does The Lord require of me in response to this Report? – that will help me be part of the healing of hurts; and the renewal and moving forward of our church family?”

The following will take place as part of the day:

A summary of the Report’s Findings

An opportunity to make an individual response/confession.

Teaching on the subject of Representational Confession.
An opportunity to apply this to the issues raised in the Report.

Some teaching on the ministry of celebration and Blessing.
An opportunity to apply this to the church.

Both Bishop David and Bishop Andrew will be joining us during the day; and Bishop David will also make a contribution.

Russ also gently reminds us that: “The day is not a time to debate over what the Report says”.

9.30am to 3.30pm at St John’s

Bring your own packed lunch, drinks available.
There is no formal child care provision.

Previously Russ has stressed that the day is an important next step for us as a church community following the publication of the Profile Report.  He described the day as a …..

A time to celebrate the good things identified

A time when we can take responsibility for our own response to what has happened.

A time when we can begin to find the healing we need.

A time of learning together and beginning to move forward into a renewed future.

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  1. Charles and lesley fowler says:

    We are looking forward to saturday. Me and Lesley have been christians for over 20 years. We both have been at St Johns for 5 years+,and it is the longest time we have spent at one. St Johns has bless us spiritually, and has helped to grow in Gods word. We are blessed in coming to St Johns. Halleluyah praise the Losd!

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