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Mark and Jo SelwoodMark and Jo Selwood, Lowena, Redruth , Cornwall

We’re still here and haven’t been swept away by either wind or water. As we’re on a hill we don’t get flooded but the wind has been ferocious. Its blowing now, even harder than previous days when we’ve had a warning. Thankfully, nothing much has been damaged which is quite a miracle as some roofs are definitely rattling.

Others in the area have had it much worse with the massive storm fed tides and waves but even they don’t compare with the folks on the Somerset levels. Please pray for continued protection, wisdom for the emergency services and patience for those who are affected.

As for the website, orange in its wisdom changed its hosting policy a few weeks back and dropped our website. I haven’t been able to get to the bottom of it and also haven’t got around to finding a new host. www.lowena.org is ours but the website seems to be completely deleted. It means building a new one with someone else and I haven’t got around to it yet. Simply too busy stopping the livestock blowing over the hill.

Thanks for your concerns.

Victoria Parsonson croppedVictoria Parsonson

Victoria was at St John’s last Sunday (10th February 2014) and shared news and inspiring testimony of her work as a doctor in a remote rural hospital in Madagascar.

She returned to Madagascar on Wed 12th February for a further six months before returning to UK to apply for UK doctor jobs whilst also considering eventually returning to Madagascar long term. Pray for her as she gets back into a very different life from UK. When asked about this she said that “she loved her work”.

Victoria was featured in the November 2013 Living Stones newsletter which gives more details.

Penny and Juan Carlos from 2014 newsletterPenny and Juan Carlos Marcés

Recently Penny and Juan Carlos led a ‘Carpenter´s Workshop’. This is a short course designed to help people understand their faith and then to learn appropriate ways of sharing that faith with others.

Penny shares that “We used it in the home group in our house, and have now been to the Central Highlands to share it in Juaja, in an Anglican Mission that became Anglican under the “ordinariate” by which non-Anglican clergy and congregations become part of the Anglican Church after a period of mutual “discovery”

This took place in 27 Jan-02Feb. They also have a Youth Camp from 21st-23rd Februay

Please pray for them in the new venture in Juaja and for the young people this weekend.

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