‘tellmystory’ – “He restores my soul”

tellmystory – “He restores my soul”
Yvonne Blakemore- December 2013

Yvonne writes:

After experiencing seven bereavements in eight months, including both my parents and my dearest friend, I was feeling very low.  Added to my grief was the fact that for those eight months my husband was very seriously ill too. I was so grateful that he was well enough to come with me to the scattering of my parents’ ashes at a place in God’s beautiful countryside but it was a difficult day for him physically and for me emotionally.  Afterwards, we decided to stop at the nearest small town for a hot drink where my husband could rest a while and we could both have time and space to collect our thoughts before returning home.

It lifted our spirits to find a Christian book shop, the back part of which was a tea shop.  As we sat at a little table regaining physical and mental strength, I glanced at the book shop section and my eyes fell on a small book propped up facing us on a shelf.  It attracted me because on the front cover was a picture of the sea and a lighthouse, both of which are a great love of mine and a happy reminder of my parents. I couldn’t resist going over to look at it and my heart leapt when I saw the title ‘Words of Comfort for Times of Loss’ as I realised that God had led me to that book.  I opened it randomly which happened to fall on page 6, and was amazed to read the number of losses one of the authors had also experienced.  For the first time in 8 months, here was someone who truly understood what I had gone through and could empathise with my pain.

With tears streaming I purchased that book which God used to speak to me at such a difficult point in my life and which continues to bring comfort.  I later contacted the publishers who, after asking their permission, gave me the email addresses of the two authors so that I could write and encourage them with how much the book had helped me.   They both replied with words of kindness, compassion and love and I rejoice that not only does God lead us even in our darkest moments, but as it says in Psalm 23 “He restores my soul”.

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  1. jon says:

    God of all comfort.
    Bless God our Father who comforts our souls, for when our sufferings to him surrender all, When you endure troubles and share with Christ you pains there no one more comforter than our Father’s save. The burden that you carry without God’s strength…your hope would be peril..if he was not my bless…For God is our help on him we have our set…prayer and in tears he wipes out our ‘rain’

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