Prayer Spaces in Schools – Self Esteem

“May the favour of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands.”
Psalm 90 verse 17

A friend of mine, asking me how our recent prayer space had been and catching some of my excitement in my reply, told me “ I believe that your schools’ work has God’s favour resting upon it.” What an amazing thing to be told and assured of!

When Emma and I first embarked on introducing the idea of Prayer Spaces to local schools we had little idea as to the impact they would have and how the word would spread. From initially stepping out in faith God has truly honoured that trust and doors just seem to open before us without our even having to try the handles! The word about Prayer Spaces is beginning to spread and we now seem to be on the threshold of an amazing expansion whereby schools seem really keen for us to go in and pray with their children!

This week we have run a two day Prayer Space, again at Paganel School, building upon our previous times there. This time we centred our prayer stations specifically on building self esteem – something we had been requested to work on by the school.

We began with an assembly based on the story of David and Goliath, telling the children how Goliath thought he was invincible, unbeatable. He was Goliath – tall, strong, handsome, he had the best armour, the best shield, the best sword, the best spear – he had lots of friends – the whole Philistine army thought he was amazing! No one was better than him!

And David? How could he have been so bold and brave? Did he have designer clothes? Designer armour? Was he taller, stronger, brighter, more popular than any of the other soldiers?

IMG_1078No, David didn’t trust in these things to have victory over Goliath. David knew and trusted God. God had helped him many times before when he’d needed help and courage and David knew that he could trust Him again. God had made David who he was and how he was for a reason. God used David just as he was, and with the skills he had, to fight Goliath – he didn’t need anything else. And God has made us just the way he wants us and can use us too.

As we invited the children into the prayer space it was a real privilege to speak words of love and affirmation over them, assuring each one of them that they are precious, treasured and loved just as they are. Their excitement at seeing mirror image words become legible when held up to a mirror was wonderful but even more special was seeing their faces as they looked at themselves in the mirror and saw that the words they were holding said that they were ‘loved’, ‘unique’, ‘special’ and cherished. We had the amazing opportunity to explain and speak these words over every child in the school, creating a real sense of happiness, joy and contentment.

IMG_1077Our volunteers were, as always, wonderful and worked hard to create with us a very peaceful and calm place where the children felt safe and secure. One child felt safe enough to confide in us and others were able to express themselves on our post it notes – “I am sad God.” “God is the best!.” “I can be proud of myself.”

Having had words of affirmation spoken over them the children were then given the space to write encouraging and positive words over each other on postcards. One child I observed wrote the words ‘beautiful’, ‘kind’, ‘helpful’, and ‘friendly’, on another child’s card. What a wonderful card for her to take home and keep, to remind her how valued she is. Each child in the school had similar cards to keep. Our prayer is that the children are able to take that love and affirmation with them out of the Prayer Space and into their classrooms, the playground and ultimately into their homes, speaking God’s love over their whole community.

Emma and I are slowly becoming known and trusted in several schools. It is amazing to be given the freedom and authority to reach these children, to build them up, to affirm them and to share God’s love with them. We would like to thank Anthony, Ben, Daphne, Mac and Ann for helping us again this week. Also thank you to everyone who is supporting us in prayer. Your prayers are surely working – doors are certainly opening! Thank you.

Kate and Emma

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