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St John’s Small Group Study Notes

From Antony’s sermon on 3rd November 2013

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Passage: Luke 19:1-10 – Salvation in the house

The key part of the encounter between Jesus and Zaccheaus that we have just read is detailed in the last 3 verses: 8,9 and 10. Although he was known as a tax collector who had accumulated wealth at the expense of others Zaccheaus has a spectacular change of mind in response to Jesus’ reaching out to him. Read verse 8

The technical name for this is repentance … a radical change of mind which shows up as a change of life. Jesus said that way into the kingdom of God is through repentance and belief. See how important this is to Jesus in Mark 1:15 and see how Zaccheaus’ repentance brings acceptance in verses 9 and 10.

Check out the meaning of Salvation:

so?te?ria (Salvation in verse 9)
so-tay-ree’-ah #Feminine of a derivative of G4990 as (properly abstract) noun; rescue or safety (physically or morally):—deliver, health, salvation, save, saving.

so?zo? (Save in verse 10)
sode’-zo From a primary word ???? so?s? (contraction for the obsolete ????? saos, “safe”); to save, that is, deliver or protect (literally or figuratively):—heal, preserve, save (self), do well, be (make) whole.

Salvation is a term meaning rescue and deliverance, wholeness and healing which in this sense means bringing people and the whole creation back into the pattern and favour God originally intended. (Hence … Zaccheaus is recognised as a son of Abraham). Verse 10 establishes that Jesus’ purpose was to bring salvation by seeking and saving what was lost. Notice that it is ‘what’ was lost … not just ‘who’ was lost. What was lost includes all that was lost as a result of the fall and Jesus comes to restore that. Being saved brings people back into the relationship with God and creation that God originally intended before ‘sin: the world, the flesh and the devil’ messed things up.

Salvation is immediate and on-going

Here are 3 Aspects of salvation … current, progressive, future …
• We are saved: an Objective Truth as we enter in to the kingdom of God
• We are being Saved: a Progressive experience as the Kingdom of God is extended within us and through us
• We will be saved: an Ultimate reality when the Kingdom of God comes in all its fullness.

Salvation is both immediate and ongoing
Discuss this diagram about the overlap of the ages and discuss the verses quoted which describe these different aspects of salvation.

The progressive aspect of Salvation in the home

In Verse 9 Jesus says, ‘Today salvation has come to this house’ so we think about how salvation is established, evident and developed in and through our Households …
1. In the family and wider family
2. Amongst neighbours and friends
3. In wider society

1. Salvation in the house in the family and wider family.

My start point is to ask the question Has salvation (wholeness, well-being, and healing) come to our households?’ and is that evident in the relationships between husbands and wives? Is the fact that we are Christian people living under God’s rule and conforming to the pattern He established evident to other people looking in? Discuss these questions from your own perspective, observation and experience.

Another question: at the heart of our households is there a prayer altar where husband and wife and others in the house seek the Lord together … reading the scriptures, talking and praying together?

It’s as we meet God round a family prayer altar that we receive wisdom about bringing God’s salvation to bear in our wider household …
• Family members whose faith is weak or non-existent.
• Offspring who are not walking with the Lord.
• Grandchildren who are remote

2. Using the house for Salvation amongst neighbours and friends.

I visited a lady this week who is largely housebound and I was so impressed by the way members of this community – one lady in particular – have reached out in friendship, hospitality and meeting her practical needs over many years. I’ve seen this many times since being here. It’s powerful and good – for when we invite people into our homes and visit them in theirs we have the opportunity to bring friendship, and Gods’ saving presence to them.

How might God want you to use your home or to visit others in their homes to bring His saving presence to bear?

3. Using the house for Salvation in wider society and those disadvantaged.

Finally, how can we use our homes to bring salvation to those who are disadvantaged in wider society? One way – is though fostering and adoption whereby disadvantaged youngsters can find love, care and acceptance

Watch this DVD clip: ‘home for good’

Use this dvd clip as a spur to a prayer time – giving thanks for those you know who are or have contributed to the care of disadvantaged children and also asking God how he might want you to support the Home for Good project.

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