‘tellmystory’ – “God could fix the machine”

A few weeks ago when I was in a local coffee house the card payment machine had broken down.

As I sat drinking my coffee, it occurred to me that God could fix the machine.

I sat for some time wondering whether to go and pray for it, procrastinating and questioning – ‘Is it a stupid idea? What if nothing happens?’ but the thought came back – ‘What if something does?’

Well, I prayed that God would go ahead of me and that the machine would be fixed and got up when the counter was empty (there is a limit to my nerve!)

I asked the server, ‘Is your card machine fixed yet?’ and he said it was still out of action. ‘Well,’ I replied, ‘I am a christian and would you mind if I prayed to ask God to fix the machine?’

He looked surprised and cautiously agreed.

I laid my hand on the machine and prayed out loud, something like, ‘I speak to this card machine in Jesus’ name and command you to come back to life and work right now’

I looked up at the guy and mumbled, ‘OK  – thanks’, smiled and sat back down for a few minutes before finishing my coffee and leaving. No sign of any change with the machine. Bah!

I went back in yesterday, and whilst serving me, the same guy came up to me and said, ‘Hey – you know you said a prayer for the card machine that time…well – a little while after you prayed, it suddenly started working again! It was really spooky – we were talking about it all the week after’

‘Heyyyy,’ says I, ‘That’s prayer for you.’

I have to confess that at first I was a bit shocked but then I was thrilled…that God can even care about a card machine and that it got folk talking.

By praying, I’d like to think that a seed was sown. I didn’t die and nothing terrible happened even after I thought the prayer wasn’t answered…I just felt a bit awkward but I think it put a smile on God’s face. It certainly put an unexpected one on mine a little while on.

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