‘tellmystory’ – prayer for a teething toddler

From ‘Healing on the Streets’ – someone contacted us through our website about an answer to prayer.

“Good Morning Just wanted to pass on my thanks to the ‘Healing on the Streets’ team who prayed for our teething toddler a couple of weeks ago. He was in a lot of pain, bad tempered and not sleeping.

“He has slept much better since the team prayed over him – much more settled, this started more or less immediately. His rages have also toned down gradually and we have learned together how to divert them through distraction etc.

“On reflection it has been a useful learning curve as a first time mum and I feel that God is walking with us and teaching us through this phase – I try and remember that when he is taking a bite out of my arm :o) Many thanks again….”

9th Aug 2013 Posted in: 'tellmystory', News by Stella Jennings 0

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