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JonNow that the dust has well and truly settled on our youth mission trip to Nepal, we thought it would be fun to see how the various team members have reflected on their time away. We posed a serious of questions to each one:

What was your high point (peak) and low point (pit) of the time away?
What did you learn about God?
What did you learn about yourself?
What will change in your life as a result of this trip?

Fourth up is team member Nia Williams (Yr 12)

Photo of Nia holding a serving spoon and pulling a face!

What was your peak?
Visiting the Happy Home (Children’s home) was a major ‘peak’ of the trip! It was such a vibrant and joyful home. The children there were just so happy! I loved spending time with the children and knowing that God was working with them in so many ways. It was just such an encouraging visit, which I’ll never forget.

What was your pit?
I struggled with seeing other members of the team endure illness and other negative emotions such as being homesick. I also found it difficult to manage my own personal concerns for matters I had left at home and not being able to communicate with those I was worried about so easily.

What did I learn about God?
I learnt that God is always present and even when we feel we can’t see where he is or why we may be feeling the way we do, his love and power will always emerge! I also learnt that God is loved universally! I find it so easy to forget that God is not just doing work in Harborne, but he is doing work within different cultures all the time!

What did I learn about myself?
I learnt that I need to hand my problems/worries over to God. I regularly store and try and fight negative emotions, when really I should just hand them over to God and learn from doing this! I also need to listen to what God is telling me to do and not just follow what I believe is the ‘right’ thing to do!

What will change in my life as a result of this trip?
I have begun listening to what I think God is telling me to do rather than simply following my own beliefs about what I think may be right. I’m keen to share my experiences with others and also share my faith with others. Having seen and experienced so many new sights/settings and emotions, I feel more passionate about telling others about my attitudes and beliefs. I am also doing a work experience placement at the INF offices n Birmingham and hope this experience will help to reinforce the lessons I learnt whilst in Nepal.

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