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JonYouth Pastor Jon Tattersall writing: “Now that the dust has well and truly settled on our youth mission trip to Nepal, we thought it would be fun to see how the various team members have reflected on their time away. We posed a serious of questions to each one:

What was your high point (peak) and low point (pit) of the time away?
What did you learn about God?
What did you learn about yourself?
What will change in your life as a result of this trip?”

NaomiThird up is team member, Naomi Robertson (Yr 12)

What was your peak?
Throughout the trip a high point would have been visiting the happy home orphanage. Getting chance to play with the children was a really uplifting experience and seeing the children so happy made me happy too. Seeing how the children embraced and trusted us so quickly was really lovely and for me completely extinguished any previous beliefs that the children who live here would maybe be sad and lonely, because in fact it couldn’t have been more opposite!

What was your pit?
A struggle for me would have been on the first day when I was really unwell. It meant that I had to miss out on the first day at the Ramghat. By the time I felt better I felt slightly out of my depth as I had missed the introduction stage and didn’t know the teenagers from the church as well as the other members from the team. However I soon managed to get my bearings and being ill so early in the trip definitely allowed me to appreciate feeling well for the rest of the trip.

What did I learn about God?
From the Nepal trip I learnt more about the sheer love of God and seeing the work in Nepal helped me in thinking about God on a Global scale. By meeting Nepali teenagers and seeing the amazing work provided by INF it reminded me that God is constantly at work all around the world, not just spiritually but also on a very practical level too. Seeing the impact God has even in remote areas in a third world country, for me emphasized God’s compassion and love for every single member of the population.

What did I learn about myself?
On a personal level I have also learnt more about myself, and that with God’s help I able to overcome challenging situations that before I believed I would have struggled to cope with. This experience reminded me of the importance of relying on God – and it is true, through him all things are possible!

What will change in my life as a result of this trip?
One thing which I have tried to change as a result of the trip is relying on God more with my struggles. Seeing the power of God all around the world has encouraged me to rely on him more instead of relying on my own strength to make decisions. This has definitely been helpful in making me feel more secure in my faith and confident that God has a plan for my life and he can do anything.

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