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Jon Tattz writing:Photo of Jon Tattersall

“Now that the dust has well and truly settled on our youth mission trip to Nepal, we thought it would be fun to see how the various team members have reflected on their time away. We posed a serious of questions to each one:

What was your high point (peak) and low point (pit) of the time away?
What did you learn about God?
What did you learn about yourself?
What will change in your life as a result of this trip?”

Second up is Leader, Dan HughesPhoto of Dan Hughes

What was your peak?
My peak was watching the young people working in pairs together to plan team devotionals and trusting in God where they felt ill equipped for the task.

What was your pit?
My pit was literally running out of things to say to one young person in a difficult situation. In my weakness my inadequacies were exposed and that left me feeling uncomfortable.

What did I learn about God?
I have learnt that God is greater and more glorious than I previously understood. Flying over the mountains showed me how small they are from the right perspective and yet walking up them showed me how big they are from another. In comparison with the mountains I am small, yet in comparison with God the mountains are small.

What did I learn about myself?
I learnt that theoretically knowing the right things in your head isn’t the same as knowing them in your heart and living in the light of him. The toughest moments of the trip left me with no other choice but to turn to God to see the team through; faithfully he responded.

What will change in my life as a result of this trip?
Since returning from Nepal I have been considering how best to live ethically and sustainably. I was really challenged by how many things I take for granted in Britain that didn’t even occur to me whilst in Nepal.

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