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“Now that the dust has well and truly settled on our youth mission trip to Nepal, we thought it would be fun to see how the various team members have reflected on their time away. We posed a serious of questions to each one:

What was your high point (peak) and low point (pit) of the time away?
What did you learn about God?
What did you learn about yourself?
What will change in your life as a result of this trip?”

First up is Leader, Dave WiltonPhoto of Dave Wilton

What was your peak?
Seeing God at work in all of our lives. This was primarily why we went  So for me, the fact that everyone grew in faith, and in particular that the young people on our team rose to the challenges and saw that God is faithful. means that the trip was a total success. It was also such a fun team to be with – we got on so well.

What was your pit?
Being away from and having such great experiences apart from my family felt a bit jarring at times, especially when technology and time zones conspired to prevent us having a good conversation.

What did I learn about God?
Seeing some of the work of INF (International Nepal Fellowship) I was reminded about God’s heart for global justice. Hearing some of the things that people in Nepal have experienced, partly because of a general lack of resources, and partly because of the way society is set up, was heart-rending. Then seeing what a difference could be made in their lives by followers of Jesus responding in compassion to their needs, was heart-warming.

What is challenging is recognising that these are not issues that are confined to what we sometimes call ‘developing countries’, but they exist in different guises both within our own society and at an international level. Our team devotions were a really valuable part of the experience.
As we daily read and discussed the book of Colossians what stood out for me was the absolute centrality of Christ to our faith.

What did I learn about myself?
I need to learn to delight in who God has made me to be and not want to be someone else. Easy.

What will change in my life as a result of this trip?
Well I hope that what I have learnt about God and about myself will sink more deeply into my life and will become more of an influence on how I live.

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