tellmystory – Alpha

Tellmystory – Alpha
Chris Midgley – July 2013

Sometime ago I gave someone at the swimming pool the Nicky Gumbel book `Why Christmas` to read. I then bought her the book, ‘Questions from Alpha’ – which she read in two sessions. She is now interested in coming to Alpha in September.

The book was left at the swimming pool, until I showed up again. In the meantime the receptionist also read it and now the physiotherapist is reading it too.

It made me wonder whether we should enquire as to whether it is possible to place books in areas where people are likely to sit – the library, cafes (many in Harborne).

Just thought I would inform you – for encouragement. It certainly encouraged me!


10th Jul 2013 Posted in: 'tellmystory', News by Fran Varley 2

2 Responses

  1. Annie says:

    How exciting!

  2. Pauline Grant says:

    Brilliant idea!I hope someone takes the initiative to act upon it.
    For my birthday, Irene Elias gave me a years subsciption to the magazine ‘Woman Alive’. What a lovely present! I took it to the dentist, and when I was called, I forgot to pick it up. When I left, I noticed a lady was reading it. I’ve left little cards about DRW at libraries, dentists, doctors, hairdressers, barbers etc. No one has ever refused my request to leave a few. Anyone who lives locally with a few hours to spare can do it. From my previous experience, I’d be amazed if you got rebuffed.

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