St Colomba Prayer Spaces Day

Emma Sargeant and Kate Diwaker writing on Monday 3rd June 3rd:

“Kate and I were asked by Jo Shioleftou to come into St Columba School in Longbridge where she has been teaching for seven years, to kick off their “Week of Faith”.

“We were to open their week with a mini day prayer space, taking with us just three prayer stations:  Thank you, Please and Sorry.

“As usual we opened the day with our Prayer Sandwich assembly which is based on the Lord’s Prayer. The children were really responsive and there were smiles all round as we told them they would all be joining us in the Year 4 class room at some point during the day to hook ducks and watch bubble tubes.

“We started with the reception class at 9.30am and did five sessions before lunch. We ended the day with Years 5 and 6.
We were helped by Ann Rowse and Wendy Rigby in the morning and Antony Spencer and Daphne Ryland in the afternoon. Once again we would like to say that we could not run Prayer Spaces without their marvellous help.  The school gave us some lovely chocolates to say thank you so we will have to find a way to share them round somehow!!

“One story that came out of the morning session was from a little boy on the sorry station who had managed to knock out his sister’s front teeth and felt so terrible about it. He had already written a “please” prayer asking God to help her feel better so when we got to the sorry station he had lots to say. What was so wonderful was that Ann could say to him that now he had said sorry God had wiped away his sin and it was all forgotten and forgiven. When she then asked him which his favourite station was that day his response was “the one I’m sat at now!” Praise God he had been released from the guilt he had been carrying and could enjoy his day!

“The final part of our day was something a little new to us. We were asked to do a ten minute assembly at the end of the day to round off the Prayer Space Day. Taking the very simple idea of the Tea Spoon Prayer, ie tsp stands for thank you, sorry, please, we referred back to our Prayer Sandwich Recipe from the morning assembly. We looked at the recipe card and noticed that it told us to add 1 tsp seasoning. We told the children that just as you use a tea spoon in your everyday life to add seasoning to food, so we can use our Teaspoon Prayer to add seasoning and flavour to our ordinary everyday lives. We reminded them that every time we use a tea spoon to eat a yogurt or ice cream or stir a cup of tea, we can remember to pray a please, thank you or sorry prayer – a tsp prayer.

“We gave each child a bookmark to take home with them which had the Lord’s Prayer on one side and the Teaspoon Prayer on the other as a little reminder of their day.

“The teachers and pupils alike were so positive about the day, even coming up to us at lunchtime to say how much they had enjoyed it and enjoyed seeing the children engage with prayer in a new way.

“Another wonderful thing is that the teacher who was organising the week was so impressed that she has asked us to go back next term and to create a Prayer Tree, as we did at Paganel School, to be used as a permanent prayer space in school.

“God is using us and blessing us more and more and we love being part of what God is up to in schools. Please do pray for more school doors to open to us, perhaps even some of those schools which seem impossible to take God into but would be where He would love to be better known.

“Thank you for all your support”


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  1. Margaret Hopkinson says:

    Emma and Kate

    I was so excited to read your blog and discover what you are doing in schools. It is so creative and imaginative. Praise God!

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