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One of my favourite walks is part of the coastal path in South Devon which leads down to Start Point Lighthouse. We did this one September day last year. It was a beautiful clear day; the sun was high in a clear blue sky and it felt good as we filled our lungs with the clean sea air.Seascape view fromt the South Devon coast path

Looking out over the calm sea the slight curvature of the earth was evident on the horizon. Closer to shore and just off Start Point however; the sea was rough and turbulent as the sea currents interacted with rocky outcrops and variations in the sea bed. This of course is the very reason that a light house is required as it warns shipping of danger. As I looked at this choppy water I noticed that it quickly gave way to the smooth and calm waters of Start Bay.

As I looked I was aware of God prompting my thinking. I had been reading that morning about the troubles David had when King Saul was pursuing him relentlessly. So I reflected how troubles may come in our lives as a result of the arrangement and peculiarities of people or circumstances. Just like the rough water off Start Point however, David’s troubles gave way in due course to smoother water – peace in the land. I felt at the time that God was saying – as the old song puts it ‘There may be trouble ahead’ – but that the trouble will give way in due course to peace. In a strange way I have found this an encouragement.

However, I also noticed a fishing boat right at the heart of the rough water – you can just see it in the picture. The turbulence had brought fish to feed or gather which the local fishermen were able to capitalise on.

I wondered about this … what fruit is there to be harvested in the midst of trouble? What might God bring to the surface of our lives as we face up to and live through trouble? Jesus told us ahead of time that we will face trouble, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33). May we see things as Jesus sees them and see the fruit he brings even in the midst of trouble.


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  1. Angie says:

    LOVE this, Antony – and Amen to it. Better practise my ‘swimming strokes’ tho’

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