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Christian Aid week for 2013 is now well and truly over and the money collected, counted and banked.


Angie Atkins reports on the week:Angie Atkins smiling

“If you remember the weather that week was not at all good and several of our collectors (& Pathfinder deliverers) got very wet indeed.

This year for the first time, a flurry of emails was sent around between the collectors. This started as some of us were feeling rather despondent about the response or lack of response we were getting as we knocked on doors. However other people were getting good responses and emailed encouraging words.

People reported being greeted and recognised as the ‘person who comes every year,’ encouraging conversations were had on doorsteps and a cheery, ‘God bless you,’ was uttered. Many people had their envelopes ready and others chased collectors up the road if they missed them at the door!

“The email conversation helped to make the collectors feel part of a team and they knew they were not alone in their work. As one person said, ‘Interesting conversation. Makes it feel part of the church’ and someone else emailed, ‘I believe Christian Aid Week is a “good thing” – it reaches everyone in the parish, demonstrates Christian concern for the wider world and gives everyone an opportunity to give.’

“And now how did we do? The envelopes were duly counted, Gift Aid gifts recorded and the pennies & £20 notes all counted (together with the odd Euro, Rupee, trolley tokens & screws). We were really surprised and thrilled by the results:

550 envelopes were collected of which 149 contained a Gift Aid donation.
£2870.93 was counted, £1633.01 of this was Gift Aided which adds about another £408 bringing the grand total to £3278.93. (Last year we raised £2323.97 before Gift Aid).

“So once again a really BIG thank you to everyone who has helped with Christian Aid Week this year – to the people who helped count envelopes and sort out the bags, deliverers – especially Pathfinders, collectors and counters – your help has really made a difference. People’s lives will be changed because of what you did!! Thank you!

“Maybe next year you could help. Maybe next year we could raise £5000….”

19th Jun 2013 Posted in: News, St John's Stories by Stella Jennings 1

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  1. Helen Nixon says:

    Thanks very much for reporting so soon after the counting – and many thanks for all the hard work involved in the counting and balancing; it was a challenging undertaking but also encouraging to witness such generosity.

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