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There’s more going on nearby us than we often know!

3509013270_f3c4490183_o Fox cubLast week I came across a dead young fox in our garden. The next day there were two more young foxes that had met their end overnight. This got me to wondering as I set to and gave of each of these young foxes a decent burial. I know there is a straightforward natural explanation for this but as I pondered the Lord reminded me of Song of Songs 2:15

“Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom”

The sense is that in damaging the vines in bloom the little foxes cut off the fruitfulness that should naturally result. Some years ago I picked up a card in a church that I was visiting which highlighted the attitudes and issues in relationships within a church community that can impede fruitfulness. That card was headed Eighteen Little Foxes! Here are the points it made as it contrasts godly attitudes/actions with the negative little foxes …

1. Edify and encourage –v- Fault Finding
2. Freely Bless –v- Withholding Blessing
3. Generosity –v- Stinginess and Greed
4. Forbearing Grace –v- Critical Spirit
5. Thankful Spirit –v- Petty Ungratefulness
6. Servanthood –v- Position and Recognition
7. Secured in God’s call –v- Insecurity and Comparison
8. Significance –v- Inferiority (gifting, anointing, position etc.)
9. Secured in God’s Love –v- Fear of Rejection
10. Large faith –v- Unbelief
11. Fear of God –v- Fear of Man
12. God Pleaser –v- Man Pleaser
13. Humility –v- Pride and Arrogance
14. Graced Words and Thoughts –v- Stinging/Caustic Words
15. Forgiving Spirit –v- Living with Unhealed Wounds
16. Sincerity –v- Hypocrisy
17. Submissive Spirit –v- Rebellion
18. Loyalty –v- Betrayal (words and innuendoes that defames others for personal benefit).

The little foxes in our garden were dead but even so I am increasingly aware that there are little foxes around that seek to ruin or diminish the fruitfulness of God’s vineyard. John 15:16 tells us that Jesus has chosen us and appointed us to bear fruit; so it’s important that we are aware of what is going on around us and indeed within us that might cut across our personal fruitfulness.

God’s enemy loves to energise the negative within us in order to impede God’s positive purposes in us and through us. So for wholeness and wellbeing watch out for those little foxes so you can catch them and see them off!

22nd May 2013 Posted in: News, St John's Stories by Stella Jennings 4

4 Responses

  1. Catriona Foster says:

    This is really helpful thank you Antony. I need to spend a bit of time looking at points 1-18. I have little foxes in my garden which I’m glad to say aren’t dead – but the ones in my life….that’s another story.

    • Antony Spencer says:

      Thanks Catriona. Blessings on you, me and all of us as we identify and see off the little foxes that can affect us!

  2. Gill mcIlwaine says:

    We too have a family of foxes in the field at the bottom of our garden. We may be leaving them behind soon, but these eighteen attitudes which we can, with the Spirit’s help, grow, can come with us and keep the foxes at bay. But like Jesus, the Holy Spirit is a gentleman and only works in us as we invite him to do so. So come Holy Spirit.

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