Young Women and the Church -Day Conference on issues around ordination, 15th June

Young Women and the ChurchRevd Tamsin Merchant, former Curate at St John’s and now Vicar of St Mary’s Hornsey Rise in London has written to us about a conference in London on Saturday 15th June to enable young women to explore issues around ordination. 

“I am working with Ministry Division and in particular Liz Boughton who is the National Adviser for young vocations. Having served my curacy at St John’s I thought there could well be young women in the church to whom this conference would apply.

“We are delighted that in 2012 we had more young people, under 30 years, recommended for ordination training than for the past 20 years – 113 people, comprising 22.2% of the total recommended. What these figures hide is that the ratio is 7:2 men to women.

“Undoubtedly women will soon be able to become bishops and it is therefore important to increase the number of younger female ordinands, so that in time there will be a good pool from which senior appointments can be made.

“To redress this imbalance we are putting on a day conference on June 15th at St Jude’s Church, 24 Collingham Road, London SW5 0LX addressing issues surrounding ordination. We will be tackling the subject from an evangelical perspective with the keynote speech addressing the question of what Scripture says about women in leadership, but the day will, of course, be open to young women of all traditions.

“We already have over 25 young women signed up to this day, from all around the country, not just London where the day is based. With just under one month to go until June 15th we’d love to identify young women in their later teens or twenties, who, whilst they may not be actively considering ordination, have the sorts of gifts and skills necessary.

“We encourage you to come and find out more. We believe that there are many young women who would fit this description and who would benefit from being invited to explore further.  To book your place email

“Sometimes it is easier to come in a small group rather than as an individual, so why not make up a group of 4 or 5 people and come along together?

“For those who are too far away to get there on Saturday morning, conference leaders are happy to offer a bed for Friday night. The day is free, they just need to email me to book a place and we will be providing some refreshments.”

All the details for the day conference on Saturday 15th June at St Jude’s can be found on the Young Women and the Church conference webpage.

To get in touch with your Diocesan Young Vocations Champion go to Diocesan Young Vocations for further ideas on encouraging young vocations.

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