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Christian Aid has joined forces with over a hundred other organisations including Oxfam, the Church of England, CAFOD, Save the Children, War on Want, to name but a few, to put pressure on governments to address the structural causes of poverty and hunger.EnoughfoodIF Logo

There is enough food for everyone IF. To find out more about the IF campaign go to their website

There are four main issues of concern –
Aid (to reach the poorest, enabling them to feed themselves),
Land (stopping farmers being forced off their land),
Tax (large companies to pay fair tax in the countries where their profits are made)
Transparency (Governments and investors to be honest about their dealings with poorer countries). Different agencies are focussing on specific issues.

A Rally is taking place in London on Saturday 8 June from 2-5pm, in advance of the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland.
For details click here

There will also be a service in the morning at 11.30 at Westminster Central Hall, from where people will have a Walk of Witness to Hyde Park for the rally.

A coach (or coaches, depending on take up) will be going from Birmingham at 7 am from Carrs Lane in the City Centre. 
Places on the coach can be booked by emailing Abigail McMillan of CAFOD or by phoning 01922 722944.  Tickets are £10.

There is a short and quite telling video on the theme here
Or an alternative one is here

Other links:
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