Nigel di Castiglione 11am 12th May 2013

St John’s Small Group Study Notes

From Nigel’s sermon on 12th May 2013

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Passage: John 6:1-15

1) “God doesn’t get disillusioned with you; He never had any illusions in taking you on!” Gerald Coates speaking at St John’s Church 11th May 2013

DISCUSS – are there any areas in which you have imbibed a perspective of “God is disappointed …”? How and why has that come about? Is this a lie that needs to be buried at the cross? If so this may be a moment for prayer as a group.

2) The Feeding of the 5,000 is the ONLY miracle in all 4 gospels – a happy evening/meeting can be spent comparing the accounts in Matthew 14, Mark 6, Luke 9 and John 6.

3) Jesus said “Let nothing be wasted.” John 6v12 and there was plenty to spare! The theme of ABUNDANCE is significant in John’s gospel. How does the word ABUNDANCE sit with you in terms of knowing and enjoying God’s provision in all areas of our lives?

4) The excited crowd wanted to make Jesus their political KING, v14-15. What does it mean to you to call Jesus King?

5) This miracle occurred because one youngish child offered his picnic to Jesus. He VOLUNTEERED what he needed and saw it multiplied. Discuss how and where you are volunteering as a Christian currently – this may be very helpful for others in the group to hear and be able to pray more practically for one another.


a) Are there some needs I/you could meet that need no praying about?

b) Is there scepticism about what you can offer you just need to push through and can we encourage one another in doing so?

c) Do you have stories and testimonies of when God has literally multiplied what you have given in times past? Are any worth posting on the database?

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