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tellmystory  Beryl Beavis in Nepal– ‘When God Speaks’
Beryl Beavis 6th May 2013

“Several times I had heard it said that if ever there was an opportunity to go and visit a mission field- to take it and go. The question had always been where, when and how? Even when there was a possibility was it right to turn it into a probability? No not yet.

“Then during the ‘Call to pray’ in January 2012 John Reynolds talked about Nepal and his vision to have a group to go there. This resonated with me.

“I said to John that I would be interested if ever such a trip was organised, but as he stressed it was not going to be a holiday. He wanted us to be praying with/ for the Nepalis and the work of INF.

“Then I had to wait 9 months before the possibility of this particular ‘Vision trip’ came up. The group of nine was made up of a doctor from Bristol who was leading the group and had worked for several years in Nepal; Two ‘boys’ aged 18 and 19 ; a newly qualified nurse and Doctor (female) looking to see if they might be called to work overseas, two 60-something ladies who had lived and worked in Nepal, another 60+ lady who had been on a previous visit and me, at least 5 years older than any of the others.

“Two others joined the group at Kathmandu airport, Rosie Pitman from INF and Neeraj from Ramghat church in Pokhara also on the INF staff.

“So why did I go? Because I believe that was where God wanted me for those 2 weeks, in February 2013.

“The outline plan was to visit some of the areas where INF works, Nepalgunj, Surkhet, Pokhara and Kathmandu, with a visit to Bardia National park for a bit of rest!; to pray for the places and people we visited: for some to revisit places they knew; for others it an eye opener to their future work; for me it was to see the places and people that I have been praying for over several years.

“Nepal is a beautiful country with the snow capped mountains of the Himalayas and the winding river valleys. But it is a country in political turmoil, of different religions, of rural villages way up in the hills with no access to piped water, electricity or medical services.

“I visited a rural clinic. It took us an hour and a half to get there from Surkhet. People walked for miles to be there and if they needed to go the hospital it was a three hour trek down a steep hillside, and they might need to be carried. The next clinic would be in about six months time!! And they would probably have to pay. But not always because INF was there to help.

“The day after our arrival in Kathmandu we flew by Yeti airline to Nepalgunj in the south west of Nepal close to the Indian border.

“The following day it was in the TB hospital (more of a very basic clinic) that we were asked by the doctor ‘would anyone like to pray for this patient’. ‘Oh’ I thought ‘that’s what I’m here for’ but it was a bit of a surprise at the time.

“A few days later in Surkhet about a seven hour drive to the north the were again opportunities to pray with people. Some of the younger ones went to youth services at a couple of churches and gave their testimonies.

“I felt God had a word for the students at the Bible Acadamy (Col 3 v16) which was the verse written in my Bible given to me at my confirmation many years ago, but also one that had come up in our group daily devotions.

“What have I learnt from this? That God can use people of any age to do His work. That it is easier to pray when you have experienced a situation. If God calls you to do something He provides the resources.

“So what next? The challenge is to use what I’ve learnt.

“What’s God challenging you to do?”

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