Prayer Space at Paganel Primary School

Emma Sargeant shares what happened when they held Prayer Space sessions at Paganel School just before Easter 2013:Paganel Prayer Space Tree PIC 2

“Kate and I began the day at Paganel Primary school with an assembly based around Easter and giving the gospel message, whilst talking about prayer and the importance of thank you and please in the Easter story.

“Throughout the day we had half an hour with every class in the school from Reception to Year 6 giving them a chance to experience the prayer tree.
We created a two sided tree on MFD and had three stations, one to write your please prayers on leaves and hang them on the tree, we included the bubble tube that we use for the please station in Prayer Spaces. Then we had the hook a duck game out so they could write their thank you prayers on apples and stick them to the tree. The third station was colouring in an Easter bookmark we had created for them.

“As we had the whole class for half an hour with at least eight at each station you would think that it would feel noisy and distracting, but it didn’t. The children, once again, engaged and enjoyed the time and came up with some wonderful prayers around their family and friends and thanking God for their school and its head master.

“Kate and loved being involved in the life of the school and its children, and for us the highlight was becoming part of their lives again for the day and picking up friendships we had begun in October 2012 when we had done the full Prayer Spaces week with them.Paganel Prayer Space Tree PIC 1

“Alongside us throughout the sessions was one of the school’s pastoral care team. He saw how the tree would work and indeed it was his room we used for the whole day, so he read what the children wrote and actually ran the thank you station. This for us was the key to this prayer tree being a success, as he can now use it in his programmes and the children know that it’s set up in his room where they are free to come and spend time in a safe and friendly environment.

“We loved it and will continue to monitor how the tree grows!! And whether we will be able to create an outside Prayer Space as the weather improves.”

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  1. Angie says:

    Thanks so much for posting this.
    It’s a fabulous sight and very moving even by photo alone

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