12th-19th May

Angie Atkins, St John’s Christian Aid Representative writes:Christian Aid Week 2013

“I can’t believe it’s that time of year again! Christian Aid Week is May 12th – 19th and once again we need about 30-35 volunteers to deliver and collect envelopes within the parish. Volunteers can contact us by putting a message in the box below or by signing up on the sheet in the Main Hall at church. We’ll also be around after some services in the next few weeks.

“So far we’ve got 12 volunteers to deliver and collect Christian Aid envelopes, so we need at least another 18 if all roads are to be covered. Pathfinders have offered to deliver envelopes in some roads so this may help some people who are short of time. It only takes 1 – 2 hours to collect from a road (depending on the length of road).

“Last year we collected about £2300 so its well worth doing – every little bit helps someone in a 3rd World country.

“Please consider offering to help even if you’ve not done it before – we can arrange for you to go with someone else if that helps. We need new people to help as several of our usual collectors are unable to help this year for various reasons.”

It works well if a C group decide to deliver and collect from a particular road – good social event with maybe a meal afterwards?
Maybe a group from Talk Together could deliver envelopes during the day (good exercise!) and then a couple collect one evening?
Could an m/net group include this in their activities?
Authentic? you only need to be 16 to collect – but probably a good idea to do it in groups with an adult?
Prayer Walkers?

Click on this link to the Christian Aid website which gives more information about this year’s Christian Aid week.

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  1. Yuzhi Jin says:

    I can join another person for this collection work. I’m new.

  2. Stella Jennings says:

    Local events for Christian Aid Week:
    All our collectors from St John’s will be commissioned with the others from Churches in Harborne, at the Churches Together United Service at St Peter’s on Sunday 12th May at 6.30pm. Please go along if you are collector.

    There is also a Quiz at St George’s Church Edgbaston on Friday 10th May at 7.30pm with all proceeds to Christian Aid. All are welcome to turn up with a team or to make up a team with others.

  3. Stella Jennings says:

    Angie Atkins has sent in the following ‘Thank You’: “A big thank-you to everyone who helped in CA Week – delivering and collecting envelopes.
    A special thank-you to Pathfinders who spent a couple of evenings delivering envelopes.
    All roads were covered and we will let you know how much was raised once all the money has been collected and counted.”

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