Updates from St John’s Youth Mission Trip to Nepal in April

St John’s Youth Nepal Trip, 2nd to 12th April 2013

Tuesday 7th May.  Judith emailed to say: “I am delighted to say that the card selling went very well.  Thank you to everyone who bought cards on Sunday morning (5th May) for their generous support and donations.  Enough money was raised to buy a bed for the spinal unit at Green Pastures Hospital, with some left over towards a 4th bed!

“Thank you all for your contributions which will make a difference for those patients in Nepal and give me encouragement to aim towards raising funds for a few more beds.”

Judith Mackay reports on  Fundraising for Green Pastures Leprosy Hospital, 25th April:

Judith who is a former Living Stones Mission Partner with International Nepal Fellowship has written in to say that: “Jon Tattz and team are doing a Nepali feedback service on Sunday May 5th at 9.15am. I sell cards to raise money for INF and he has said I can sell them in the hall afterwards and he will give me a plug.

“I have just successfully raised the cost of a bed for the spinal unit in Green Pastures (our leprosy hospital). This cost £190. I am very chuffed and feel inspired to try and raise the same amount for another one! They need a total of 8 beds.”

Update from Jon Tattersall following the return of the youth mission trip, 16th April 2013:

“We have now returned to the UK after what has been an incredible and life changing time in Nepal. Over the next few weeks, we will be blogging on the St John’s website and leading an all-age service on 5th May, all so that we can share what we learned and experienced.

“Thank you so much for all your support in the build up and during this trip. Your prayers and encouragement have meant so much to us.

“We look forward to sharing all that God has done with you very soon.”

Last Blog from Nepal from Tattz on 11th April:

“Here is a last blog as we make our way home!

“And so, the end is near, and so we face, the final Dal Bhat. It seems amazing that we are making our way home on Friday, 10 days after we left the UK for this wonderful and beautiful land. On Tuesday and Wednesday we have took the team on a trekking experience in a place called Dhampus, up in the mountains. This was partly planned so we could see something of the incredible landscape of Nepal outside of the built up cities, but most importantly so that we could get the team to start processing and reflecting on all they have seen God do in the lives of those around us and also in our own walk with him. We had a very special and significant time of sharing as we reflected on Isaiah 58, and the impact of a life lived in pursuit of God on the world around us. We were all deeply moved by what each of us shared, the presence of God surrounding us as a group in a very tangible and real way. We look forward to sharing some of this when we return to Birmingham.

“After returning to Pokhara, we then departed for Kathmandu, and our last stop before travelling home to the UK. The 7 hour journey though the valleys and hills was a journey we will not forget in a hurry, with incredible views to look at, and for some of the youth, a decent chance to get some more revision done. Upon arrival here, we had time to have a quick look around Kathmandu, before our last meal as a team. Throughout the trip we have been studying the book of Colossians as a team, and have asked the young people on the trip to lead some of the last few group studies. It has been excellent to see them respond so well to challenges like this, and they have done a wonderful job.

“Please pray for us as we fly back to the UK on Friday – for safe travel, and that we might remain focused and close as a group, despite our tiredness and desire to see family and friends. Please also pray as we begin to unpack all that we have seen and experienced here. We have all been deeply challenged by God on many issues, and want to take forward these challenges in our lives when we return.

“Thank you for your prayers whilst we have been away. God has done so much in us and through us. We cannot wait to return to share this with you.”

Update, sent by Dan Hughes on 9th April 2013:

“Hey all, after an excellent three days encouraging the teenagers from Ramghat church and learning from them as much as we taught them we packed up our bags and returned to the hostel at Bethani guesthouse. It was so encouraging to learn that in so many ways teenagers are the same all over the world and that they face many of the same challenges that our teenagers face in following Christ faithfully. A real blessing was to build such good relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ and for our departure to be a heart rending experience.

“Yesterday we visited Happy Home, a children’s home based in Pokhara. We painted two rooms in the home for the children to use to study and was the perfect follow up to our time with Ramghat. As a group we spent most of the day joking as we painted and singing snippets of hymns and songs as we worked. When we had finished most of the work many of us went outside to escape the fumes and had an opportunity to play with the children. The children were so happy to see us and genuinely full of joy. An intense volleyball game followed that included many shouts of “Me ro (mine)”, a resurgent performance from Jon “The Spike” Tattersall and far too many hits over the wall from Dan “Get back to the painting” Hughes. As a group we reflected that the children seemed so genuinely happy and they were a real testimony to the faithful service of the Christian couple that run the home, showing God’s love to those who have had such difficult lives before now.

“The trip has been so encouraging so far and some of the earlier struggles of the team seem to be firmly behind us now. Praise God for the restoration of the team emotionally and physically and praise him for the growth that is so particularly evident in the lives of our young people. They have stepped up to the challenges they have faced so admirably and seeing God support them outside of their comfort zones. As leaders this is what we came to see and whilst God has used us for other things and grown us too, it has been a real privilege to participate in God’s work in their lives.

“We are heading to Green Pastures hospital this morning before a reflection on the trip in Dhampus village overnight and tomorrow. Please pray that God would continue to shape us to be more like Christ in the time we have left here. That we would continue to bless the people of Nepal as we show them God’s love and to be blessed by them too. Finally, pray that God would continue to protect us throughout our trip from any illness, injury or spiritual attack.”

St John’s Nepal Team

Update sent by Jon Tattersall on 5th April 2013:

It would be good to give thanks for safe travel so far. Things have gone without a hitch, and after spending a day in Kathmandu, we are now in Pokhara.

We are just about to start a 3 day youth event at the Ramghat church in Pokhara. We will be joining with around 50 Nepali teenagers in a sleep over event at be church. We have been asked to provide a few sessions looking at what mission is, and exploring the different challenges in being a Christian teenager in the UK and Nepal. Please pray that the team would quickly develop good friendships with some of the Nepali youth, and that we would be able to deliver some helpful teaching.

Please also Pray for continued good health. Please pray in particular for Rosie Pitman, our INF/St John’s link person. She has been poorly over the past 24 hours and it would be great to see her get well and play a full part in the trip she has helped plan.

Please pray for protection against Spiritual attack as we step it up a notch ministry wise. As part of the church youth event, we are going to do a prayer walk/litter pick by a buddist monastery and Hindu Shrine, in quite a spiritually dark place. Please pray that we are able to brush anything off that might seek to attach itself to us, and that we have open eyes and watchful minds, but that we also walk in the confidence that comes from the blood of Jesus.

Please pray for team dynamics, that we would remain patient and full of grace with one another as we deal with tiredness and the emotions of working in a vastly different culture. Please pray that we become closer as a team as we work and live together.

For reminders of our personal prayer requests please see the promotional video:

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  1. Stella Jennings says:

    Wow, I go away for a week and you produce such a brilliant video about your trip to Nepal. As the old saying goes a picture paints a thousand words… Well done Tattz, and all – and I must say that I do prefer you with your hair! Sorry.

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