Timely reminder from the Debt Advice Strand at The Crossway

Advice from Michael Waters:

“Now’s the time to think about using your ISA allowance before it’s too late (by 5th April).

“Each adult can invest up to £11,280 per annum in a stocks and shares ISA or split their allowance with up to £5,640 invested in a cash ISA.

“However, which ISA should you choose?  Try moneyfacts.co.uk – I’m told that Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) use this site. Alternatively try MoneySavingExpert.com which was founded by Martin Lewis the broadcaster.

“The rates are low at the moment and the best we’ve found is 2.5% instant access and 2.8% for a 60 day notice account – not very exciting!

“In case you’re wondering why the Debt Advice Strand is concerned with such matters you should be aware that the debt advice process includes helping clients to maximise their income as well as minimise their expenditure.”

To find out more about the Debt Advice Strand at The Crossway click here.


24th Feb 2013 Posted in: St John's Stories by Stella Jennings 0

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