Does Evolution Contradict Genesis?

On Wednesday 13th February, Revd Dr Ernest Lucas is coming to the University of Birmingham to speak on “Does Evolution Contradict Genesis?”.

Laura from Birmingham Univ Christian Union has emailed to say: “We would like to welcome all members of church and friends to this talk and question and answer session from 8 to 9pm in Mechanical Engineering G31 (Y3 on this map) with free parking in the South Car Park.

6th Feb 2013 Posted in: News by Stella Jennings 1

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  1. Adrian Collings says:

    What we observe as ‘evolution’ is part of Gods ‘gameplan’ that makes our existence happen. There are many other ‘laws of nature’ that are finely tuned for our ‘being here’. The narrative in the book of Genesis, explains in pictorial and figarative language the relationship between God and the pinicle of his ‘creation’ man, ie you and me. It is ‘why’ not ‘how’. The opening verses of Gensis are wonderful in their simplicity, clearly putting God in the in control of making what we can see. This is not a scientific text book, it is far more than that, it explains why we ‘mere men’ are so important to God.

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