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God’s Book – Antony Spencer’s 4th blog:  Previous blogs by Antony can be read in St John’s Journal.

We travelled to visit an old friend of my wife’s the other day.  This lady trained and practised as a midwife in her early career but subsequently joined a mission involved in taking the gospel to the people of Europe.  My wife, Pat worked in the same mission and that’s how she had first met Jean.

I had heard much about Jean and her friend Mary, but had never met them so I was really pleased to meet them on this trip.  Jean has been very poorly in recent years and her various health issues render her frail now.   Actually, if you passed her on the street that’s exactly how you would see her … a small, frail old lady.

It was thrilling to meet Jean though and hear how she first joined the mission and worked in Vienna among Yugoslavs.  This was in the days of the Iron Curtain when Vienna itself was a divided city.  Jean was a major influence on some young Christian converts, men who later became significant Christian leaders in Serbia during and after the Balkan war.  Jean was also involved in smuggling bibles and other resources behind the Iron Curtain and told some exciting stories of God’s providence and protection at various times when she was searched.  Though she sometimes had her cargo of bibles confiscated, she told of how the Russian border guards were impacted by this small lady’s bravery and commitment in bringing God’s word into communist countries.

I was privileged to hear some of Jean’s story but if you didn’t know it and only saw her as she is now you could come to a huge misjudgment about her.  However, God knows.  The Psalmist said, ‘All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.’   It strikes me afresh that having your days written in God’s book is both a comforting and a challenging thought.  For Jean it’s good as I am sure she will receive her reward when she meets the Lord face to face irrespective of whether you or I know the details of her life!

It leaves me wondering though; what’s written in God’s book about my days?



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