The Power of the Cross – Antony’s 3rd Blog

The Power of the Cross – Antony Spencer’s third blog…

A dear friend of mine has had a wonderful experience of the power of the Cross of Jesus in her life in recent weeks.

She and I have been talking for some time about the impact of some very strong and recurring negative thoughts that she has had – negative thoughts so strong that they are almost like voices in her head. One way that she had found to silence these ‘voices’ was to hurt herself … but doing that brought a whole range of other problems so it wasn’t a very satisfactory or lasting solution.

We talked about how coming to the Cross of Jesus enables the most amazing exchange to take place. We know it’s a place of spiritual transaction because Jesus receives our sin there and gives us forgiveness and acceptance in exchange. Though Jesus died on the cross many years ago the reality of this exchange continues to work powerfully day by day.

So my friend started to take negative thoughts to the Cross whenever they come and receives instead wonderfully positive words of affirmation and acceptance straight from the Scriptures. It’s been amazing because at the Cross Jesus takes our guilt, shame, hurts and rejection and gives us instead the benefits and blessings of His blameless life. My friend has found that coming to the Cross is a place of peace and that trying to find peace through pain, denial or anything else is unnecessary and much less than God’s best.

Isn’t Father God good! He provides for all we need and delights when we come to Him to have our needs met.

As a matter of interest we often use this kind of Cross Work at the Healing Prayer Centre.

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