Meeting at St John’s with Gisela Stuart, MP for Edgbaston, 7th Feb

Nigel has arranged a meeting at St John’s with Gisela Stuart, MP for Edgbaston on Thursday 7th February at 6.30pm in the main sanctuary at St John’s.  He explains the reasoning:

“A number of people have brought to my attention news the government is planning to take the bill to redefine marriage into the parliamentary programme at the start of February.

“When I heard this I contacted Gisela Stuart to enquire if this meant the meeting I have planned with her for 22nd February is in effect “too-little too-late”. She has graciously replied and what follows is her understanding of where the proposals will stand should the bill get to a “second reading” in early February…”

Gisela says: “The second reading will be broad brush…. Then go to committee and come back to the Commons before it goes to the Lords…. And given that the Lords are expected to be more rebellious on this than the Commons it might well come back again.”

Nigel continues: “Recognising the level of concern being felt and expressed she has agreed to find an earlier time on which to come to St John’s to both speak and listen to what concerned constituents wants to say. Given the seriousness of this matter I have decided to accept this offer.

“Therefore: the open meeting with Gisela Stuart MP at St John’s will now be held on Thursday 7th February, starting at 6.30PM, in the main sanctuary of St John’s Church, Harborne.”

Nigel has asked us to enter the building from the High Street as there are other groups using the building on the same evening; and to bring the details of this meeting to the attention of other interested people living in Gisela’s constituency.

You can contact Gisela Stuart at

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