It’s Torture! Antony’s 2nd Blog

It’s Torture – Antony Spencer’s second blog…

I was praying with a lady the other day who described her sense of guilt and shame as a form of torture.  It got me to thinking – torture is much more common than we think!

Jesus speaks about torturers in Matthew 18.  Surprisingly though, Jesus doesn’t talk of rescuing us from the torturers.  No, this is no rescue … he actually talks about Father God delivering us to the torturers!  How can that be?  How could a loving God hand us over to be tortured?

Jesus is talking about forgiving those who have hurt us.  In this passage he describes how though other people may owe us a debt, we ourselves owe a much bigger debt to Father God who has forgiven us.  Jesus explains that Father God expects us to forgive people who have hurt us in just the same way that He forgives us for our wrong doing.

From observation and experience I know that unforgiveness is a place of torture as we rehearse the wrongs done to us, build a case against the other person and hold them to account.  It’s damaging, and if left unresolved leads to bitterness which pollutes our lives.  It’s not so much that Father God takes us there, it’s more that He is warning us that unforgiveness takes us to a bad place.

I believe that unforgiveness is a major cause of dis-ease and that many people are being tortured by it. This is something that we all know about because we have all been hurt by others.  We also know just how hard it can be to forgive other people. Jesus’ message is uncompromising however … He tells us that we must forgive those who have hurt us.   Have a look for yourself in Matthew 18:21-35.

From time to time we may all need help in dealing with issues of unforgiveness and it’s important for health and freedom that we deal with such things effectively.  The prayer teams at the Healing Prayer Centre at the Crossway work confidentially and are well used to helping people ‘forgive others from the heart’.

If you would like some help to deal with hurts or where you need to forgive other people then why not make an appointment by emailing or calling or texting 0755 305 3252.


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