11:11 Prayer for Northern Ireland

Jo Jowett writes,

‘Although I live in Birmingham and have not lived in N. Ireland for 16 years, Belfast is my home city and I am grieved to see the situation there unravel before my eyes, particularly when so much progress has been made in the last decade. We may be removed from it here in Birmingham but we all probably know someone who lives there. I would therefore encourage you to join with Christians all over N. Ireland to pray for a resolution to the current troubles. The 11:11 initiative is one way we can do this. This follows on from an event at Belfast’s City Hall where Christians circled the building with joined hands in a prayer vigil. Read on… ‘


It was so encouraging to see Jesus-followers from all walks of life gathering together and praying. It was also encouraging to hear reports from the Police that the trouble they had been expecting that afternoon did not materialize.

We recognise though that more prayer is needed in these difficult days in Northern Ireland. We have a steadfast belief that our God cares about our whole society and that He is deeply moved by the prayers of His people.  We have been chatting about a way we could continue to pray for peace in our land together in the days ahead.  At the City Hall it struck many of us that there was a beautiful, powerful and dynamic sense to the corporate aspect of our prayers and we would love to develop this special sense of unity further.

 In Proverbs 11:11 we read ‘By the blessing of the upright a city is exalted.’  We are inviting you to join with us in setting the alarm on your phone or watch for 11.11 each morning and evening to take a few moments wherever you find yourself to continue to pray and speak blessing over our city and our leaders. Praying that God would give wisdom, courage and grace to us all at this time and that peace and hope would return to our streets.  You can do this alone or with friends/work-colleagues, for as long as you feel is practical.  11:11 is simply an easy hook to help us remember to pray together and speak blessing, but if that time doesn’t work, obviously feel free to pick another time that you can pray blessing over our land.

 It would be a special and powerful thing if hundreds of Jesus-followers all over our country were speaking blessing over the city of Belfast and nation over the next number of days at the same time.

 Lord let your kingdom come in Belfast and this nation…


Jasper Rutherford (Church Army/Summer Madness)

Alain Emerson (24/7 Prayer Ireland)

Andrew Masters (WhatNow)

David Dickinson (Alpha)

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